Simacan wins bid for phase 2 in A58 shockwave traffic jam project

The Innovatory consortium has won the bid for phase 2 in A58 phantom traffic jam project. The project is a joint initiative of the province of North-Brabant, cooperative region partners Eindhoven (SRE) and Ministry of Transport in The Netherlands. The goal of the project is to reduce the amount of shockwave traffic jams by developing new connected and cooperative systems and services.

Within the consortium Simacan Connect will be used to source and combine a number of different real-time data feeds and make it easy for 3rd party service providers and developers to create innovative services using data through our platform. Part of the project is also the successful continuation of introducing our platform to the market, starting with the release of a 3rd party developer API and web portal which will be released this year.

The complete A58 project will take around 3 year to complete.

For more information about the project please check out de official press release here or check out the project website at (dutch only).

The Innovactory consortium consists out of the following partners:

  • Innovactory
  • TomTom
  • ANWB
  • Technical University Eindhoven
  • Simacan