Appointment app Roudle helps save travel time

This week was the launch of The new Dutch website computes the best place to meet with multiple people with the least amount of travel time.

Users choose two to six starting points in the Netherlands. By using extensive traffic data from Simacan Developer and smart mathematical algorithms by Roudle, the user is presented within 30 seconds with the best solution to meet up.

Subsequently, Roudle helps to find a restaurant, hotel or public work space close to the optimal location for the appointment. This information can be shared with the other participants.

From August onwards, Roudle will also take into account accurate traffic predictions. These will be based on traffic data from TomTom. Users will be able to receive a different advice for Monday morning than for Wednesday afternoon.

Roudle founders

Roudle founders Christiaan Rasch (left) and Thijs Brentjens (right.

Roudle won the Smart Mobility Challenge by the province of Utrecht several months ago. The web application was built with the obtained access to Simacan Developer and the prize money. Roudle is free to use at