Simacan Traffic Cast sends accident warnings to navigation

Drivers in the Netherlands will be warned for highway accidents and incidents by their navigation. The warnings are given off by road inspectors of Rijkswaterstaat, the government organization that is responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure. The messages are send to the navigation systems through Simacan Traffic Cast. The experiment with the warnings is meant to increase the safety of emergency services and passing traffic.

Location data of incidents
In the case of an accident, road inspectors place their yellow pick-up truck diagonally on a lane to secure the incident area. Next, they transmit their location data with the push of a button over the cell phone network.

Warnings via navigation system
The GPS coordinates of the incident are processed by the Flister platform and send to ANWB, the Dutch travellers’ association that provides traffic information. With the help of Simacan Traffic Cast, ANWB converts the messages to the RDS-TMC channel. Through RDS-TMC everyone with a built-in navigation in their car can receive this information for free. The warnings automatically become visible on the navigation system of all vehicles that are approaching the closed lane.

Flister incident warnings infographic

Simacan Traffic Cast sends automatic incident warnings to navigation systems. (Source Connecting Mobility)

The warning service will be tested on highways in the Flevoland area in the next three months. If it results in a decrease of accidents, the system will be introduced in the whole of the Netherlands.