Minister Schultz receives Talking Traffic manifesto

During the Beter Benutten Results Day, the Talking Traffic collective has offered its manifesto to Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen. Talking Traffic is a Dutch collective of companies working on innovative approaches to mobility. Simacan is one of the companies taking part. To kick off further cooperation, the members of the collective have summarized their joint vision on the mobility of the future. Resulting in ten concrete points: The Ten of Talking Traffic.

Intelligent Transport Systems
When it comes to connected and cooperative ITS applications, the Netherlands leads the way. The change from sci-fi to reality is long since for vehicles that communicate with each other and with the roadside. For instance, such technologies are currently being deployed on the A58 shockwave traffic jam project (part of Better Benutten).

Talking Traffic collective
To retain the lead in the field of smart mobility, companies will need to find each other and work together. Talking Traffic provides the platform and acts as a common mouthpiece for the business community.

All the companies participating in the Talking Traffic collective, deal with the mobility of (the day after) tomorrow. The underlying idea is that only by working together one can create a fertile ground for further innovation in the field of mobility. In the Netherlands and abroad.

Flow, liveability and accessibility
Talking Traffic sees opportunities to focus on the government’s objectives in a smarter way. These objectives include flow, quality of life on – and around – the Dutch roads, access to economic centers, and guaranteeing safe traffic. The vision of the affiliated companies is contained in the manifesto ‘The Ten of Talking Traffic”. The manifesto serves as an invitation as well as the starting point for cooperation between road managers, science, market, and government.

You can read “The Ten of Talking Traffic” on (only available in Dutch)

"The Ten of Talking Traffic" logo.

Affiliated companies
The member parties of the Talking Traffic collective, which have signed the manifesto, include:
Amaryllo, Arcadis, Beijer Automotive, Be-Mobile, Careo, Connection Systems, Cygnify, DAT.Mobility, DTV Consultants, Fourtress, Goudappel Coffeng, Heijmans, HP, Innovactory, MAP Traffic Management, Monotch, NexusZ, Prime Data, Royal HaskoningDHV, Simacan, Trinité, Vialis, and V-tron.