Logistics must respond to fluctuations in supply chain

Ploos van Amstel on logistic cooperation
Logistics lecturer Walther Ploos van Amstel advocates cooperation in the logistics supply chain at Nederland Logistiek. A communication platform is definitely something which can boost good results in that respect. As a good example, Ploos van Amstel identifies the use of Simacan Control Tower by Ahold Transport:

Optimization by Simacan Control Tower
“The thousands of trucks on the road are all equipped with an on-board computer that provides large amounts of information. Just by sharing this data, optimization in the chain will be achieved. Albert Heijn is already doing this very well. Thanks to the Control Tower platform there is more insight into where a truck is located. The supermarket managers will know with minute-sharp precision, what time the truck will arrive at the store, so that the personnel can stand ready.” (translated from Dutch)

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