Simacan Control Tower nominated for Accenture Innovation Awards

Simacan Control Tower is in the running for a Blue Tulip at the Accenture Innovation Awards 2015. It makes us proud, for it is a competition in which the most innovative Dutch companies contend. The Awards consist of jury prices and a price granted by the audience, for which you can vote.

Public vote

Innovations that gather most votes, can pitch their innovation October 30th during the Innovation Awards and are candidate for the Audience Price.

Vote for Simacan Control Tower before October 23th
   (click ‘Stem op deze innovatie’ and vote by using your social media account)

Innovation themes

Jury members from the industry choose the most innovative entries per theme. Simacan Control Tower competes in the themes Seamless Travel & Transportation and Perfect Cities.

  • Seamless Travel & Transportation looks for “innovations in transportations of goods and people in a digital and responsible world in which puts the client first.” Logistical companies use Simacan Control Tower to take control over their daily logistic operation. This enables them to cooperate with supply chain partners. Together they can launch solutions to make more effective use of the road capacity.
  • Perfect Cities focusses on “building better cities together by making new connections between companies, governments and inhabitants.” What is special about Simacan Control Tower is that the real-time overview over the road situation is not exclusively used in logistics. Traffic controllers and policy makers can study the exact same mapped traffic information.

The winners will be awarded during the finals of the Innovation Awards on October 30th in DeFabrique in Utrecht.