Mobility scan at Logistica exhibition in Utrecht

Discover the Mobility scan at Logistica 2015

Mobility scan aspects

Visit us during the Logistica exhibition (10-13 November 2015) at the stand of Heembouw. Simacan will present the Mobility scan developed together with Heembouw, during special lunch sessions:

  • Wednesday 11 November, 1.30PM
  • Thursday 12 November, 1.30PM
  • Friday 13 November, 1.30PM

Sign-up for one of the lunch sessions and register your free entry ticket for the exhibition

Or attend our evening meet-up on Thursday night November 12th.

Heembouw stand: Hall 11, stand B010, Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Which location yields the highest returns?

The Mobility scan shows at which location a logistic organisation would best be located. A well-chosen site is one of the factors that decide the success of the business.

Truck movements, travel time of personnel, and traffic information are taken into account when deciding upon a future building location. Mobility makes up a large portion of the total operational expenses for many companies.

The Mobility scan provides an integral and objective advice on possible future locations. What effect has location A, B or C on the truck movements and the subsequent transport costs? What is the influence on the travel time of the personnel, and the CO2-footprint? In other words: Which location will yield the highest returns?

Mobility scan: choose optimal location

The Mobility scan by Heembouw analyses several aspects of the logistic operation:

  • number of truck movements
  • peaks in the logistic operation
  • zip codes of residence personnel
  • distribution area for products
  • supply area for products

With the Gronddatabank, Heembouw advises about all available locations for buildings and re-development in your region. The Mobility scan (Mobiliteitsscan) is developed with the technology behind Simacan Control Tower. Together, they form a solid combination.