Next step in ITS with Shockwave traffic jams A58 project

Video: market partners explain

“Good traffic data is essential to the development of self-driving cars.”
Paul Krijger, Product Product Manager Simacan

Intelligent Transport Systems

In this video, partners Siemens, Vialis, Simacan, Be-Mobile, Technolution and V-tron explain how the Shockwave traffic jams A58 project takes the next step towards Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The market, the government and knowledge institutions work closely together in this project. To improve the accessibility of the country’s busiest regions, in part by using intelligent transport services. With the shockwave traffic jam service as basis, the project partners develop the building blocks for new mobility services in the vehicle. These could include:

  • a warning system for roadwork, weather conditions or an approaching ambulance
  • a system that communicates with traffic lights – to tell the time to green, or to assign priority to certain traffic flows

New services of this type will enable road users to help themselves and one another. Making traffic substantially less costly, faster, cleaner and more efficient.

International standards

The partners in the Shockwave traffic jams A58 project have developed the architecture and infrastructure to which all services of this type can be connected. They also developed a data security system. And fleshed out protocols for the manner in which they interact. This means that new services can be easily implemented. Based on international agreements and regulations.

Because the builders have based everything on international standards, what is being tested in Brabant can be relevant on a much larger scale. In the Netherlands and elsewhere, within the foreseeable future.