Topsector Logistiek congress April 22, 2016

The Topsector Logistiek congress 2016 attracted over 1,100 visitors, Friday April 22. The theme of this year: ‘Big Data Small World’. In the Amsterdam ArenA stadium, visitors gathered to attend the keynotes and sessions about big data and logistics.

Film impression of Topsector Logistiek congress 2016

View the compilation of footage that was shot during the ‘Big Data Small World’ congress:

Keynote Amazon

David de Santiago of Amazon Web Services explained that big data is big business. Especially in logistics. View the slides of his presentation ‘Big Data for Big Data forDisruptive Models’.

During his session, De Santiago invited Rob Schuurbiers to show how Simacan, as a small Dutch SaaS company, is using AmazonWeb Services for its products in the traffic, mobility and logistic sector.
Scalable and high performance future with Simacan and Amazon

Session Data sharing for more efficient transport of goods

In the afternoon, Jan-Bert Dijkstra (Beter Benutten), Janneke Nijsing (Albert Heijn) and Rob Schuurbiers (Simacan) presented the project Supermarket logistics. During the panel discussion that followed, the audience was invited to help answer the questions:

How do we make transport of goods more efficient as a whole? And who is going to organize this?

“Imagine that all shippers, carriers, clients, road authorities and vehicles are able to share data with each other in real time. From changes in shipping address, to delays, and inner city road works to vehicle restrictions for bridges. This has value for all partners in the chain. And for society: more efficient transport of goods, less delivery inaccuracies, less traffic jams, better air quality and better livable, accessible, and attractive city centers. Progress is already being made: individual companies work together with IT partners to make their logistic and transport chain smarter. Nevertheless, a few front runners do not prevent the congestion of roads and inner cities. The question is: how do we take the next step, making transport of goods more efficient as a whole, and who is going to organize this?

Supermarktet logistics presentation Topsector LogistiekOpenTrip Model presentation Topsector Logistiek

Whitepaper Open Data in logistics

The whitepaper ‘Maak Open Data onderdeel van uw logistieke keten’ (in Dutch)’ was handed out at the session. It contains a case study on the Supermarket logistics project.