Connected DCs at Transport & Logistics Rotterdam (Nov 29-30 & Dec 1, 2016)

Visit Transport & Logistics Rotterdam

On November 29, 30 and December 1, Simacan and Heembouw invite you to Transport & Logistics in Ahoy Rotterdam. We will tell you about the possibilities of ConnectedDCs. Meet us at the booth of Heembouw (F102) and join us for a lunch session:


Connected DCs and Control Tower

By adding smart software and sensors to a distribution center, the capacity of its docks can be used in an optimal way. The DC is connected to Simacan Control Tower, to inform you as logistic service provider exactly when goods are delivered, unplanned delays by traffic taken into account. In this way, the transport at the ConnectedDC can be adjusted proactively.

Lunch talks

Simacan and Heembouw jointly present the lunch presentations about ConnectedDCs and the Mobility scan. Also, we will be present at booth F102 every day to meet you. We look forward to speak to you!

Apply for a lunch talk by filling in your name and email on the Heembouw website and choose:

  • Mobiliteitsscan & Gronddatabank
  • for the session on the Mobility scan

  • Connected DC & Control Tower
  • for the session on the Connected DC and Simacan Control Tower

You will receive an invitation with information about days and time slots.