Truck platooning project wins Channelweb Award

Simacan and TomTom won a Channelweb Award for their contribution to the European Truck Platooning Challenge. The innovative project won the award with 26% of all votes. Truck platooning demonstrates how technology and data can contribute to better mobility.

Channelweb Award for Best Vertical Market Channel Approach of the Year

“We are very enthusiastic about this prize, because it underlines the importance of innovation.” George de Boer, Leader of Connected Car Initiatives at TomTom Telematics

European Truck Platooning Challenge

Goal of the project was showing how road transport can be made more efficient, with advanced technology. TomTom Telematics and Simacan worked together equipping six convoys of trucks for live tracking. The trucks were joint together electronically. So that only the front truck had to be actively driven. Via the viewer made available by Simacan, the position of the participating trucks and the planned route could be seen live on a map. In addition, other information sources were also visible. Such as traffic information and motorway signal indicators that the participants met on their route through Europe.

Advantages truck platooning

Economical and societal advantages can be accomplished with platooning. Platooning contributes to a stable speed. Making fuel consumption and emissions decrease. Also, the road capacity is utilized better and the safety can be improved. Making it a strong example of Smart Mobility.

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