Talking Traffic: building smart traffic solutions in the cloud

Press release Ericcson:

Ericsson has joined forces with industry heavyweight Siemens and Simacan, the Dutch specialist in real-time traffic data, to develop a nationwide Connected Traffic Cloud service in the Netherlands

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) are transforming the way traffic systems and the transportation industry interact, with cloud technology and LTE networks being the big enablers. By sharing traffic information between vehicles and infrastructure, safer, more efficient and sustainable transport ecosystems are created.

Together with consortium partners Siemens, the global leader in ITS equipment and Simacan, the Dutch specialist in real-time traffic data, Ericsson will develop and deploy a nationwide cloud service in the Netherlands where traffic-related real-time data is made available to all players in transport ecosystem, for example in smartphone apps that provide their users with relevant traffic information when they are on the move.

Named Fortgång, the consortium strengthens the Partnership Talking Traffic, an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to develop innovative applications in traffic in close cooperation with local governments and a selection of about twenty national and international market parties from the traffic industry, telecommunications and internet companies. The aim is to improve the flow, accessibility, quality of life and safety in the busiest regions and cities of the Netherlands.

Charlotta Sund, Senior Vice President and Head of Customer Group Industry & Society, Ericsson, says: “Combining Ericsson’s innovative Connected Traffic Cloud solution with Siemens’ market-leading ITS equipment and Simacan’s data systems is a win-win for the entire traffic ecosystem and its users in the Netherlands. Together, we will empower service providers and traffic authorities to serve the Dutch citizens, by enabling higher levels of safety, efficiency and sustainability by sharing traffic information between vehicles and infrastructure.”

Charlotta Sund of Ericsson

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