Supermarket Logistics nominated for Chain Award

Supermarket Logistics is nominated for the Evofenedex Chain Award (Keten Award). With this award, companies can distinguish themselves with their successful collaboration. The Evofenedex Chain Award rewards best practices. For Supermarket Logistics, speaking a common language proved to be the key to success.

Supermarket Logistics

Supermarket Logistics is a project in the Optimising Use Programme (Beter Benutten). Participating partners are Ahold Delhaize, carriers that transport for them, the cities Amsterdam and Utrecht and region Groningen-Assen, and Simacan.

City delivery

Goods transporters often deliver their cargo to customers in the city. However, during the journey things are unclear: which loading and unloading bays in the vicinity of the customer are available at a particular time? or which city route offers the least delay?

Informed supply chain

Adding intelligence to lorries and buses helps logistics companies. They are better able to plan their routes, arrival and departures times and communicate with loading and unloading bays. As soon as they set off, drivers receive current information about their route and destination. Such as departure time, journey time, preferred route and available loading and unloading bays.

Less emissions

In this way, Supermarket Logistics prevents unnecessary mileage and unnecessary braking and accelerating within the city. This translates into less emissions in the urban area and cost savings for goods transporters.

Speaking a common language

In their article about the Chain Award, Evofenedex explains how supply chain partners now speak one common language in Supermarket Logistics. This makes sure that shipper, carriers, and local governments have the same overview. Everybody sees the planning, the location of trucks, road restrictions and live traffic information. Partners in the supply chain share insight in inner city logistics.

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SCM Summit

The winners of the Chain Awards will be presented at the SCM Summit by Evofenedex, June 7 2017.