Simacan/Transfollow wins first prize TransportLAB Challenge 2017

Application prevents further damage in truck accidents with hazardous substances

The prize winners of the of the second TransportLAB Challenge were announced May 11 at Prodock Amsterdam. The jury awarded the best solutions to current and future logistic issues.

First prize for Simacan/Transfollow

The first prize went to Simacan/Transfollow for their logistic solution. Simacan and Transfollow developed an application for traffic centers, in cooperation with Traffic Control Center Helmond (Innovatiecentrale).

Warning hazardous cargo in accidents

By connecting Simacan Control Tower with the digital (e-CMR) consignment note of TransFollow, emergency services can get direct insight in the cargo of a ‘crashed’ truck. This is essential in preventing further serious damage in accidents involving hazardous substances. With the insight in the cargo, the road authority can instruct the emergency services to respond with the right material. Also, it speeds up the decision about re-opening lanes for traffic.

TransportLAB and Simacan will discuss how the winning of the award can be taken forward. Possible directions can be further financing or further development of the system.

TransportLAB Challenge 2017

Following the first TransportLAB Hackathon in 2016, TransportLAB organized a new online Challenge in 2017. The goal is to stimulate logistic innovation. This year’s theme was ‘Logistics Mobility’.

Three logistic challenges

Participants of the Challenge could send in their practical, smart and mobile friendly solutions to one of three specific logistic challenges or one of their own:

  1. Develop a predictive simulation tool for future port ship operations
  2. Monitoring and routing of dangerous good trucks
  3. Autonomous driving in existing traffic flows
  4. Open Challenge

The creators of the best submissions presented their solution during the Closing event, May 11.

Jury assessment

The jury assessed the pitches and innovative proposal based on:

  • Impact on logistics
  • Mobility and sustainability
  • Business application and advantages
  • Potential
  • Scalability
  • Design/code and tooling

Awarded prizes

At the end of the day, the jury announced the results of the TransportLAB Challenge 2017. The diversity of the submissions and the potential social value was so great, the jury decided to award three prizes instead of one. The first prize going to Simacan/Transfollow. The second prize was awarded to Made for Traffic/Hans van der Made. Their application Blauwblauw warns drivers quicker for emergency vehicles approaching from behind or from the side. Third winner was CWI (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) with students of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam who made a video feed of ship movements in the Amsterdam harbor, based on statistics of available harbor data.

Press release

View the official press release Closing event Challenge 2017 by TransportLAB

Simacan/Transfollow wins first prize in TransportLAB Challenge 2017