Simacan Control Tower with telematics launched for I&L Logistiek

Simacan Control Tower with telematics launched for I&L Logistiek

As one of the first SMEs, Dutch transport business I&L Logistiek has started working with the Simacan Control Tower in its logistic operation. With this implementation, Simacan explicitly demonstrates that their Control Tower adds value to operations not only of large scale transport enterprises, but can be valuable to companies of all sizes.

I&L Logistiek started out in 1995 in the Dutch logistics landscape as a carrier service. Soon, the company became specialized in conditioned transports of e.g. foodstuffs, under the unmistakable name of ‘Koelkoerier’ (‘Cool-carrier’). Now, although ‘normal’ carrier commissions are still regularly performed, the special transport of goods that need to be moved under specific conditions has become core business for I&L Logistiek.

Monitoring telematics

Those specific conditions need to be monitored continuously during transport. For that purpose, I&L’s vehicles are equipped with all kinds of measuring tools, so-called telematics, which monitor temperature for instance. This may get rather complex, as I&L also maintains vehicles with multiple compartments, which can be independently regulated with regard to temperature. This enables them to combine different types of cargo within the same trip.

The data produced by these telematics fed into Simacan’s Transport Cloud, where planning data produced by a TMS is linked to real-time realization data produced by the vehicles as they execute this planning, and to real-time traffic data provided by TomTom amongst others. The realization data not only contains information on the timeliness of the vehicle, but also the data produced by the telematics inside the vehicle. The combined data is subsequently shown in a single overview within the Simacan Control Tower.

In addition, the Simacan Control Tower has been equipped with several tools to automatically monitor and manage trips, not only when they are late, but also when set parameters for conditions during transport are threatened to be compromised. On this score, I&L Logistiek is the very first enterprise that is able to monitor their telematics and manage their conditioned transport from within the Simacan Control Tower.


To conclude, I&L Logistiek is also an outstanding customer to Simacan, as they are the first SMEs to switch to OpenTripModel (OTM). This open standard has been developed by Simacan, and broadly supported by TLN/EVO as a universal method to describe vehicle movements. It can be used to facilitate the exchange of data between transporters and carriers on the one hand, and with providers of IT services on the other.

I&L Logistiek produces their trip planning with planning software called Talis, delivered by TANS. To render support of OTM maximally accessible, TANS has decided to convert the standard output of the Talis software to OTM by way of integration specialist Copernicus. By implementing OTM, I&L Logistiek has explicitly chosen an IT landscape that facilitates future expansion, and supports wide integration with chain partners.