Simacan and Innovation Centre collaborate with INRIX for smart traffic management

Simacan and Innovation Centre collaborate with INRIX for smart traffic management

Helmond (NL), Amersfoort (NL) and Kirkland (USA) – The collaboration was backed  on the 10th of november 2017, by INRIX  Inc., a world leader in connected car services and transport data analysis, Simacan, for online traffic and transport information services, and the Innovation Centre, the real life testing facility for Smart Mobility applications.

Collaboration Simacan Innovation Centre INRIX

Watching the data flow

The Innovation Centre will use INRIX real-time traffic data, including the innovative product “dangerous slowdowns”. The data is accessed via the Simacan Traffic Monitor, which has been used in the Innovation Centre since 2015. For example, road traffic controllers can see how Floating Car Data can support day-to-day operational traffic management.

INRIX, together with our partner SIMACAN, is pleased to be part of the state-of-the-art Innovation Centre and to show the benefits of Floating Car Data, which can be used in traffic centres in applications such as the SIMACAN Traffic Monitor. This enables road traffic controllers with these tools and data to work and to make informed decisions based on real-time information.

– Scott Sedlik, Vice President and General Manager – Global Public Sector at INRIX –

The integrated services in the SIMACAN Traffic Monitor are two important INRIX products:

  • “Dangerous Slowdowns” is a new service in INRIX XD Traffic that will help prevent back of queue collisions, in places where congestion suddenly appears. Based on real-time road vehicle data, drivers and road operators are warned for sudden speed cuts and stationary traffic.
  • “Real-time live traffic” uses anonymous, real-time GPS data from millions of connected vehicles and devices. This way INRIX provides accurate traffic information on travel times on highways and important traffic routes, enabling its customers and partners to monitor live traffic data, including road name, time, current speed, typical speed and travel time.

By adding INRIX data to our Transport Cloud, we give our users the ability to choose how to add high-quality data. Our Transport Cloud combines various public and private data sources of main and underlying road networks with each other and makes routable and automatically monitorable information. Not only within but also outside the Netherlands. This information is then visible in the SIMACAN Traffic Monitor. In addition to a more complete picture of the traffic situation, this solution also offers a perspective for new innovation functionality that can be directly applied and tested by road traffic controllers.

– Rob Schuurbiers, Director of Simacan –


Collaboration Simacan Innovation Centre INRIX

From left to right: Dirk-Jan de Bruijn, Scott Sedlik, Jaap van den Hoek, Gioffry Maduro, Vincent de Weger, Peter Hoernig, Rob Schuurbiers

We are pleased that we can expand our facilities with INRIX data. This way we can gain experience with the new ‘dangerous slowdowns’ service. We are curious about the added value for the road traffic managers and the opportunities for traffic management.

– Peter Hoernig, Strategic Advisor for Traffic Management at the Innovation Centre –



INRIX is a world leader in connected car services and transport analysis, a new approach that uses big data and the cloud to manage urban mobility. Combining different resources and applying information, INRIX provides comprehensive data and solutions to help people, cities, and businesses. Our partners are car manufacturers, governments, mobile operators, developers, advertisers, but also big and small businesses.

Traffic IT Services is the official INRIX reseller for the Netherlands since 2015.

About the Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is an experimental venue at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, where national, regional and local road managers test intelligent mobility solutions. Experiments take place in real life: on a real road, in a real network, in live traffic. In this way, the impact on traffic and traffic management is visible immediately.