First energy route planner for electric buses and trucks

ViriCiti and Simacan have completed their collaboration project ‘EV Fleet Analyzer’. This online tool predicts the energy consumption of electric vehicles based on road segmentation and vehicle data. In this way, a very accurate prediction can be made as to whether a route that has not been driven before can be driven electrically.

EV Fleet Analyzer
Two years ago, ViriCiti and Simacan started a collaboration in which they combined their knowledge to develop the ‘EV Fleet Analyzer’; a tool intended to increase the use of electric vehicles. The result is an online planner that predicts the energy consumption of electric vehicles per route. In this way, the feasibility of a route when driven electrically is immediately visible online.

How does the EV Fleet Analyzer work?
Using the tool, companies that use electric vehicles can plot each route combination for a specific day. The EV Fleet Analyzer then calculates whether the vehicle type and battery can achieve this route under those day conditions. This takes into account traffic, temperature and the type of road the vehicle is driving on.

The EV Fleet Analyzer distinguishes road segments and assigns an energy profile to each component. In terms of speed, curves and braking moments, a village road has different characteristics than a motorway. By adding these components together, the overall energy consumption is calculated. The external cartographic data were supplied by Simacan BV, specialised in the application of geo data sets in logistic operations.

Vehicle data
ViriCiti specializes in real-time data insights for electric commercial vehicles and using their big data approach, vehicle data of various types and efficiencies were measured. By superimposing the large amount of internal vehicle details such as mass and type, and route specific information such as time and weather, very complete energy predictions were made.

Driving behaviour
So far, the EV Fleet Analyzer does not take the driver’s driving behaviour into account. ViriCiti is currently working on developing a correlation between road profiles and driving behaviour in order to include this in the driver’s feedback. When this data is linked, this comprehensive feedback will help companies to make their drivers drive as efficiently as possible.

Results and implementation
The EV Fleet Analyzer has been tested on electric trucks. Now the tool is used for electric buses, so that bus lines that have never been driven before can be analyzed for planning purposes and during concession periods. ViriCiti includes the energy planner in its system, so customers know in advance whether a specific route is feasible. Simacan has included the tool in the ‘Control Tower’.

“The tool is a very efficient planning solution because all factors that play a role in the energy consumption of both roads and vehicles are taken into account; not only distance. It predicts the feasibility of each route variation in combination with a specific vehicle type. The Fleet Analyzer can also be used for diesel vehicles so planners can use it for their entire fleet”.

Erwin Poeze, Sr Machine Learning Engineer @ViriCiti

“The explosive growth in online shopping and the demand for home delivery puts increasing pressure on environmental and safety regulations in cities. The EV Fleet Analyzer enables transport companies to immediately see which routes can be taken with an electric truck. Each delivery can be plotted and the distance that can be driven afterwards without having to own an EV truck at all. This tool supports our customers in making informed purchasing decisions in EV trucks and supports them in their daily operations”.

 Felix Faassen, Founder & CTO @Simacan