How to create a 5-star delivery experience for your customer

Thu | 20 May 2021 | Simacan Solutions

How to create a 5-star delivery experience for your customer

Customer solutions for home delivery

A home delivery operation is carefully planned from start to finish. This way, an order can be delivered on time to the indicated delivery address. If this is done well and quickly, it makes for a satisfied customer, right? However, several factors along the way can throw a spanner in the works and cause delays and thus an overdue delivery. How do you ensure good coordination between all stakeholders within parcel distribution, from supplier to end customer, with the aim of a 5-star delivery experience? 

There are plenty of legitimate reasons why customer experience has become a strategic focus for transport companies. Customers, whether they are end users or stakeholders in the supply chain, increasingly expect a consistent, transparent and flawless 5-star delivery experience.

Home delivery experience

To meet consumer expectations for home delivery, transport information must be accurate, reliable and clear. For example, the planner must be informed immediately if incidents occur, the driver must be able to drive without delay wherever possible and customers must be informed when they can expect their delivery.

Advantages of the Simacan Platform in home delivery:
  • Always and complete access to all operations of your own fleet or within multi-channel delivery networks, in which real-time adjustments are possible;
  • System-independent link to on-board computers, allowing updates in route or planning, but also last-mile guidance with safety messages and comments for the driver;
  • Customers waiting for a home delivery are automatically informed of the expected arrival time (ETA) using Track & Trace. If the customer is not at home when the delivery is made, he can still be informed of a correct delivery by means of 'proof of delivery';
  • Two-way communication is possible between all stakeholders within the chain. For example, even an end customer in a home delivery operation can give instructions on the method of delivery.


When striving for a 5-star delivery experience, the first question to ask is what is really important to your customer? Which solutions fit your customer best? With Simacan, you can take customer experiences to the highest level by managing expectations and fulfilling them. 

Cooperation in the chain

All players in the transport chain are connected and dependent on each other. And this can already cause disruptions in the smooth handling of deliveries to customers at the slightest deviation. If your driver encounters waiting times during various stops along the way, this means he will be late arriving at subsequent customers. So this has a direct impact on your entire delivery operation. And that affects the delivery experience of your customers.

Simacan delivers on all expectations of the 5-star delivery experience, for all stakeholders within a supply chain. A 5-star delivery experience starts with data sharing and that can be achieved by connecting data streams. For example, Simacan calculates the fastest, best and safest route with traffic information, last-mile information and guidance through safety alerts, all to avoid losing time in the distribution centre or next hub. Our platform thus ensures that everyone receives relevant information unambiguously and in real time.

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