What are Simacan Safety Warnings?

Thu | 17 Jun 2021 | Simacan Solutions

What are Simacan Safety Warnings?

The on-board computer of your truck drivers is linked to the Simacan Platform. Each change in the planning or route is sent in detail to the cabin so that the driver is informed in time. But did you know that you can also let your drivers drive the route more safely with the help of Last Mile Guidance and Safety Warnings?

In a previous blog article we already discussed Last Mile Guidance, the smart Simacan technology that gives the truck driver more insight into the route and enables an optimal 'last mile' by mapping out the correct and safest route to the delivery location. This is now followed by the feature 'Safety Warnings', which, as the word suggests, sends safety warnings to the driver.

Innovative safety warnings

In close cooperation with App2Track, Simacan is currently working on the AIDA project (All-In-Driver-Assistant), in order to, among other things, communicate safety warnings to truck drivers in an innovative way. This is done en route by means of the App2Track application on the driver's mobile phone. 

The first phase of this project consisted of the aforementioned Last Mile Guidance feature, and now in the second phase it is the turn of the safety alerts via an iOS or Android smartphone. Distributing safety alerts to drivers is an important addition from the Simacan platform to ensure even smoother and safer transport.

Real-time safety information

The App2Track app creates a professional connection with the driver on the road. It provides real-time safety information that applies to him or her at that moment. With this, these reports go a step further than other applications, which only display traffic and speed camera reports. In cooperation with Simacan, the App2Track app is grafted more onto the transport world and ensures more safety in the cabin.

Examples of notifications are:

  • Weather codes (orange, red)
  • Closed lanes
  • Environmental zones
  • Height restrictions
  • Dangerous situation on the motorway

These are alerts that are 'tailor-made' for that particular journey, rather than the same for everyone. 

Your drivers receive en-route guidance and safety alerts. Thanks to this smart, timely route information, they can avoid obstacles such as road closures and diversions. Because they do not have to report changes in routes and possible delays, but the platform processes all information and changes automatically, they can stay focused on driving. And that reduces accidents and damage. Meanwhile, consumers are automatically informed of the exact delivery time of their order, so they can make sure they are at home to receive it.

More information Safety Warnings

Are you curious how Simacan Last Mile Guidance and Safety Warnings can make your drivers drive more safely and efficiently? Our experts will gladly show you how this works and how it can be applied within your organisation. Please feel free to contact us for more information or a demo of our platform.

Please note: a Trimble on-board computer was used in this film, following a joint press release from Simacan and Trimble.

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