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Working together in transport is always a two-way street

Thu | 13 Jul 2023 | Simacan Solutions

Working together in transport is always a two-way street

Benefits for both shippers and carriers when sharing data

Many of our shipping customers ask their carriers to start sharing their data with our platform. Think for instance of the GPS data of deployed trucks. Not every carrier is eager to do so; they may see it as an 'obligation'. But that is a shame, because there is also a lot to gain for hauliers.

But first the reason why some shippers are asking for this:  These shippers want to be digitally informed about the progress of the transport operation(s). They need additional insight and tools to collaborate optimally in their logistics operations. This allows them to make timely adjustments where necessary and inform their customers and receivers about what is to come. For this, they need reliable ETAs so they know exactly when a truck will arrive at a distribution centre or location. This makes it possible to minimise the impact in case of a disruption. In addition, sharing data provides organisations the opportunity to start optimising operations in data-driven way.

To achieve all this and work as optimally as possible while maintaining existing systems (TMS, FMS, etc), you need an overarching (umbrella) platform. A platform that can operate with different systems of all stakeholders. Simacan is such a platform. But as the executor of transport, why would you want to cooperate on this?

Large shippers using Simacan can offer their logistics service providers their own free access to the platform, the Simacan Satellite. In it, you not only see your part of the operation that you carry out for this shipper, but you can also work directly with the shipper to optimise the operation. This offers you immediate benefits making data sharing valuable:

What are the benefits of Simacan Satellite for carriers?

1. More accurate and faster invoicing

Because you work on the basis of shared reality and have retrospective access to the same collected data of an actual trip driven, the invoicing process is without discussion, simple and fast.

A unique trip number, linked to each claim, contributes to simple and quick action of administrative processes. Trips can be tagged in the chat function with a pre-agreed hashtag during the operation, this way disruptions in execution can be easily and quickly retrieved afterwards.

2. Complete control in your transport operations

Simacan Satellite offers you as a logistics service provider a proactive role within the supply chain. Because of the realtime transport data you are able to respond quickly to disruptions. You can immediately see the impact of a delay on planned follow-up trips. This offers you the possibility to adjust the planning in consultation with your client to minimise the impact of a disruption.

3. Efficient communication

With the chat function it’s easy to communicate in context of a trip with everyone in your operation; customers, drivers and colleagues. This way, you easily keep all stakeholders informed of updates or follow-ups by reporting them in the chat. It is possible to tag incidents in the chat so they can be easily retrieved afterwards for administrative processing.

Arrival (time) / shop displays allow locations to see ETAs of incoming trucks. So they know well in advance when a truck is going to arrive and with what goods. This will unburden drivers from unnecessary phone calls. Frustration because of long waiting times can also be prevented because location staff are expecting and prepared for the arrival.

4. Easy collaboration with supply chain partners

If drivers are connected with an app or via their on-board computer, and planners have access to the same data, they can come to better decisions together. A trip can be adjusted with last-minute changes and coordinated directly with the driver concerned. This way the trip can be carried out more efficiently. This ensures a sustainable relationship between shipper, carrier, driver and consignee.

Conclusion: Equal partners

As a haulier, Simacan Satellite makes you an equal interlocutor for your client. Because the platform provides both you and your client access to the same data and 'truth'. This way you can avoid discussions, invoice based on time spent and come up with concrete improvement examples. In short, transport is always a two-way street!

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