Digitalisation and innovation in the logistics sector: a transformation in cooperation

Tue | 5 Oct 2021 | Simacan Solutions

Digitalisation and innovation in the logistics sector: transformation in cooperation

Digital cooperation within transport and logistics is a hot topic. In the past, especially the large logistics players were able to operate in a reasonably stable world, where efficiency, standardisation and low costs were often the key to success. Digitalisation has changed this focus, resulting in a transformation of the sector. Indeed, digital transformation is forcing organisations to think about new forms of collaboration. 

Open systems and open cooperation

Simacan believes in open systems where quality data is made available to the chain in a controlled way. In addition to its vision on open systems, Simacan also focuses on open partnerships, which is clearly visible in our transition paths.

Simacan enables fast and secure digital cooperation with - and between - transport companies and shippers in order to tackle sector-wide challenges, such as CO2 reduction, traffic congestion and urban distribution. In addition, Simacan clearly records and presents the transport performance from departure to arrival. This enables shipping agents and hauliers to look for continuous and fact-based improvements and optimisation within the mutual cooperation.

Cooperation using Simacan Platform

The Simacan platform helps to further optimise logistics activities for our (inter)national clients - carriers and shippers - with a high level of complexity within the supply chain. We do this by, for example:

  • Collaboration between networks
    It is no longer about closed systems, but about cooperation between supply chain networks. Our platform is not only used for one supply chain, but it can even work across supply chain boundaries. All players in the chain can continue to use their own systems to (continue to) serve their own customers optimally;
  • Partnerships and strategy for the ecosystem
    Technological developments are happening fast. That is why it is important to maintain focus and to cooperate with partners in technology: on-board systems, planning systems, eCMR platforms. By interacting with these partners and enriching each other's systems, we can offer greater value to our customers and provide them with optimal delivery of ordered goods; 
  • Collaboration technology development
    We are constantly trying to make collaboration easier and faster. One example is the development of OTM. With OTM 5.0 it is possible to standardise messages for logistic processes, from sharing the planning, tracking vehicles, to all messages related to cargo.
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