e-CMR: real-time monitoring of your consignment note on the Simacan Platform

Thu | 11 Mar 2021 | Simacan Solutions

e-CMR: real-time monitoring of your consignment note on the Simacan Platform

To make chain processes faster, more transparent and more efficient, the digital consignment note (e-CMR) was introduced a few years ago. By making a direct connection with your e-CMR suppliers, Simacan can offer you many advantages in the formal handling of your digital consignment notes. We help maximise the value of e-CMRs in your company with minimal implementation effort!

In September 2020, Simacan and TransFollow, the standard for the digital consignment note, entered into a formal partnership in which they agreed to connect their European logistics platforms for transport execution. This is in order to implement a 'best in class' platform at retail distributors. Simacan offers a low-threshold e-CMR platform combined with real-time monitoring, and is thus a frontrunner in setting up a user-friendly system for the entire logistics chain.

e-CMR on your Simacan Platform

The Simacan Platform connects directly to your e-CMR suppliers, which offers the following advantages:

  • References to your digital freight documents known to the Simacan Platform can be created, assigned, shared and viewed in the context of a journey. We maintain the link between individual documents and the context of the whole journey;
  • e-CMR ensures that all parties view the same synchronised truck and shipment data so that locations, drivers and central planners are prepared for what is to come;
  • The Simacan Platform automatically combines data from planning, warehouse and e-CMR systems of you and your chain partners so that the user maintains an unambiguous overview;
  • Real-time monitoring ensures that you can immediately manage and adjust exceptions to your cargoes;
  • When all data is in sync during execution, you can immediately resolve disputes about damaged or missing freight or returns and speed up invoicing and cash flow.

Paperless driving with e-CMR

In the Netherlands alone, more than 40 million consignment notes are used in paper form every year. Branch organisation Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN) states that no less than 180 million euros in administrative costs could be saved if these were to be replaced by a digital version. Simacan and TransFollow have a shared mission to use e-CMR to make the supply chain more efficient and sustainable by giving users better and more detailed information about their logistics processes. And not just in the Netherlands!

Annually, within the Benelux, 70 million CMRs (paper) and e-CMRs (digital) are issued in total and deployed operationally in 7 European countries: Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Czech Republic, United Kingdom. In fact, in 2017, a trial was launched in the Benelux context that allows the use of digital consignment notes for national and intra-Benelux transport. Transporters can make unlimited use of this, provided that they purchase their e-CMRs from one of the thirteen e-CMR providers permitted in the context of the trial. The Benelux Committee of Ministers decided at the end of 2020 to continue the e-CMR pilot project until 2025.

Information digitally documented

The cooperation with TransFollow allows Simacan to combine detailed information about the content of the shipment with accurate information about the timeliness and status of the transport. e-CMR is easy to use, as it adapts to the language of the user. This results in the integration of the TransFollow e-CMRs on the Simacan Platform, making Simacan's smart ETAs visible in the TransFollow environment. All information for all parties in the chain is digitally documented in a dashboard and available in real-time. 

Formal handshake with e-CMR

e-CMR goes a step further than Simacan's already known 'Proof of Delivery' option, which allows a proof of delivery to be sent to the final recipient ('Your parcel has been delivered to your neighbours'). Within a few moments, by using e-CMR, the freight is registered, safely and according to international conventions. Because this consignment note is digital, all parties in the supply chain can see immediately:

  • How, where and when the administration was processed;
  • How the transport was handled;
  • To which vehicle and which driver the transport has been assigned;
  • Which interim comments have been made at each layer of the chain;
  • Where additional actions still need to be taken;
  • What the correct data is for invoicing the transport to the customer or client.
e-CMR further information

With e-CMR an advanced digital signature is created, whereby the e-CMR provider guarantees the audit trail. All changes, additions, etc. are logged. All parties involved see the same information, combined with the real-time data on the Simacan Platform. Do you want to know how to use e-CMR on your Simacan Platform? Please contact us for more information!

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