Fit at work: exercise via Zoom

Tue | 20 Oct 2020 | Working at Simacan

Fit at work: exercise via Zoom

It has been more than half a year now that COVID19 has made us work completely from home. This has resulted in a reduction of our daily exercise: let's face it, at the office we walk to the colleague; go to the toilet; get some coffee; 'oh, I forgot something upstairs' and so on. We also miss our daily lunch walks or the travel to the office. To keep ourselves from being stuck to a chair all day, two colleagues came up with almost the same idea at the same time.

The idea of colleague Tanja was as follows: let's share exercises with each other via Slack (our internal means of communication) that everyone can easily do at home. Rob also had an idea and asked his personal trainer Michiel to organize training sessions for Simacan. Together a good combination! At the end of March, a Slack channel called 'Simafit' was created, in which our trainer Michiel shared exercises via short videos, three times a week.

From June onwards, it was possible to exercise outside again, and so the physical outdoor trainings were a fact... At the moment, we train one day outside with a small group - taking the new regulations and the 1,5m distance into account - and the other day via Zoom. Safe but still nice to do together!

How does it work?
At the start Michiel gave a lot of explanation. For example, did you know that Kettlebell training originated as a training ritual of the Russian army? Each participant was asked to fill in an intake, so that any injuries or points of attention can be taken into account. Not only colleagues who already exercise 3 times a week or are experienced gym visitors can attend Michiel's training sessions, no, even if you still need a little push to get fitter, you can join us: Michiel helps you at your own level and pace, to go through your exercises. Experienced or not: you can always join in!

Jelle and Rick can also confirm this. 

Jelle: "I think it's great that this kind of exercise is offered. Michiel also adjusts the program where necessary and that's nice. For example, we alternate exercises each day, so this week we do less with the kettlebell and more with TRX* next week the opposite. When someone has an injury, a small adjustment is made so that he or she can participate.

Rick: "I really like the fact that Simacan offers this opportunity for sports. For me it's a push to do this kind of fitness, which I wouldn't easily do on my own at a gym".

Besides the fact that it is an extra push for many colleagues to exercise, it is nice to get some guidance, it is also nice to see colleagues this way. We're in the open air - and remotely - and we can still do something together. Tanja adds to that: "You get to know your colleagues in a different, but positive way. There is a big support factor in this, we continue to encourage each other during exercises. And Michiel's teaching manners are calm and clear, but he knows how to motivate you. Besides that, it's nice that I train different muscle groups than I do in the gym. That makes it a good addition to my training schedule".

So Simacan colleagues: do you think it would be fun to participate? Then sign up quickly! Are you still in doubt? The only thing you can lose are kilos ;)

Michiel has been a personal trainer for seven years, both for private training and for companies. He finds it important to keep developing himself and therefore he follows several trainings and courses every year (such as fitness trainer top sport, functional trainer and paramedical fitness trainer). He also collaborates with, among others, Fysiocentrum Hoogland and Meander medical center Amersfoort. Want to know more? Visit

*TRX are bands with handles at the ends that, in our case, are attached to a tree. This allows you to train your entire body.