From intern to employee, Ina Sila tells us more

Wed | 9 Sep 2020 | News

From intern to employee, Ina Sila tells us more

Hi Ina Sila! What a nice news, from a graduation project to your first real job, congratulations! Just a refresher, what have you been doing in the past six months as an intern with us?
Thanks a lot! Yes indeed, I was a graduate intern for my study Technical Business Administration. For my research, I was involved in setting up KPI's and introducing KPI dashboards.

Back to your first impression in the beginning: warm, open, flexible and positive. Have you experienced your first 6 months like that?
Certainly! Unfortunately, I just had the bad luck that after a month as an intern at Simacan, we had to work at home because of COVID. But my compliments, because of who Simacan is like a company and by introducing, for example, several joint day start-ups, online coffee corner-rooms, online activities etc., Simacan managed to drag us through this abrupt new normal again.

In addition, I was supervised by Rob (CEO Simacan) during my graduation. A very nice collaboration, with the right energy and the right motivation. I was guided with the idea that my research on KPI's actually matters and not a report that would disappear in a drawer.

And, did it matter?
Yes, because now that I have successfully graduated and with all the experience I have gained with the research - and of course the experience I bring with me from my education - I may continue with the implementation of the KPI's and KPI-dashboarding. No longer as an intern, but really as part of the Simacan team.

Will you continue to work on KPI's and this research in the future?
When this project is finished, I will continue as Community manager. With a lot of positive energy I started (again) last week and am looking forward to the further adventure at Simacan!

Good luck and welcome to our team!