Introducing our new intern - meet Gijs

Wed | 20 May 2020 |

Introducing our new intern - meet Gijs

Hi Gijs, nice to meet you and welcome to Simacan! Tell us, who is Gijs?
Hi there! It’s good to meet you too! My name is Gijs Hora Siccama and I’m 25 years old (or young!). Originally, I am from The Hague, but I currently live in Amsterdam. After my bachelor Technical Business Administration in Delft, I had decided to continue my studies in Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. Currently I am doing my master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and all that is left for me to do is to write my dissertation!

How did you get in contact with Simacan?
For my dissertation research I was looking for a company which combines logistics with data and by accident I stumbled upon Simacan. An article in a newsletter drew my attention and I decided just to email them to see if there were any possibilities for me to do my research with/for Simacan. Almost immediately I was invited for an interview and so I decided to fly back to the Netherlands to discuss the possibilities. This was a very nice conversation and almost directly after, I was told that I could continue with Simacan this summer.

And then, everything went a bit different then planned due to Corona, right?
Yes indeed. Due to the coronavirus I had to move back to the Netherlands earlier than expected, but this wasn’t too bad since I had already agreed with Simacan to conduct a research for them! Since the 1st of May I am officially a graduate student for Simacan, although I have only been to the office once for my interview. Starting from home has been a bit weird, but I really look forward meeting my new colleagues in real life!

Can you tell us a bit more about your research?
During my research, I will be a part of the data research team. Simacan is constantly improving the visibility in the supply chain and during my graduation research, I will look into how this increase in visibility affects the relationship between the shipper and the logistic service provider. This is just a starting point and I will have to see how my research will evolve over time!

What are you mostly looking forward to?
Although I haven’t met anyone in real life (except for my supervisor), I have been warmly welcomed at Simacan. Especially my team helps me a lot in finding a way to kickstart my research and therefore I think I have made the right decision to start, even if it is from home. I don’t know when I will be allowed to go back to the office, but I hope it is before I have finished my research!

Welcome again Gijs, and good luck with your research and dissertation!