Sharing data is team sport

Thu | 6 Feb 2020 | News

Sharing data is team sport

When working together with various parties and wanting to exchange data with them, it can be quite a challenge. You can't just share or link data from different sources. This requires a lot of overthinking. At Simacan, we like a challenge and we take time to make things better and smarter, even if it doesn't immediately generate money. That's why we decided to find a solution.

A number of developers put their heads together. Together, they devised and developed the Open Trip Model (OTM), an open communication protocol. Thanks to OTM, we can now display all data from the traffic and logistics sector in a uniform manner. This saves a lot of effort and often frustration, because we no longer have to 'translate' for each party. The thinking and development work of the group of developers pays off! We are proud of what we have built and have transferred the communication protocol to an independent foundation, so other parties can benefit from it as well. More and more companies are hooking up, which enables us to improve OTM together. Version 5 is almost a fact!

Simacan is committed to connecting transporters to shippers, such as Albert Heijn and Jumbo. By sharing, enriching and providing insight into data. For example, we link transport schedules to vehicle data and enrich this with current and expected traffic information. In this way, every party in the chain has the same picture. However, it is as transparent as possible and enables targeted cooperation and anticipation of current and expected situations.