Koen Vierveijzer new Customer success manager at Simacan

Thu | 13 Feb 2020 | Working at Simacan

Koen Vierveijzer new Customer success manager at Simacan

Hey Koen, welcome to Simacan. Tell us, where did it all start?
"My previous job was with Lisa, where I've worked since the foundation. Lisa is a membership administration system provided for hockey and tennis clubs. I've held a variety of positions there, from technical to commercial. After almost 12 years, I wanted to broaden my horizons a little further; I started to fit in a bit with the furniture. That's when you have to start thinking about the rest of your career".

Can you describe your career path in more detail?
"Yeah, I actually started at Lisa's as a front-developer. It first started as a side job, then I did my internship there and that's how I got stuck there. However, I wanted to develop in several directions and then I started to focus more on the customer part of the company. To put it simply, my main task at that time was to ensure that customers remained satisfied. That means I started providing them with information so they knew what they could do with our platform. In addition, I was going to provide training on how to set up the platform and how to use it optimally. Still, the technology always appealed to me and I always did software development alongside it, so that our platform became better and better".

That sounds like a reasonable overlap with Simacan...
"Yes, indeed. I was looking for a job where technology and customer contact come together. Putting the customer first and seeing how we can improve the platform. Because I used to have a lot of helpdesk experience as well, that's quite a job for me".

What is your first impression of Simacan?
"When I first saw the Simacan platform with a working operation during my application, I fell in love instantly. Since then I've only become more enthusiastic, partly because I felt very welcome. Everyone was involved from the first moment, wanted to know who I was and what I was doing. That was a very nice reception".

What are you going to do now?
"Customer Success Manager reveals it already, I'm going to make sure the customer stays happy. Much of it will be for the onboarding process. We are going to grow in the coming period and it is important that onboarding runs as smoothly as possible. Relieving the customer worries is important as is building and expanding a healthy relationship with the customer".

Anything else you want to say?
"I love to travel. I hope someday to travel from northern Canada to southern Mexico and have a nice trip through America".