Graduation research into KPIs for Simacan

Tue | 25 Feb 2020 | News

Graduation research into KPIs for Simacan

Hi Ina Sila, nice to meet you. Your graduation research will take place at Simacan, tell us more!
I’m studying technical business administration at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, but not for long: the graduation has indeed begun. To complete my studies, I will  start my graduation research at Simacan. Together with the team, I will set up KPIs. My assignment still needs a bit of body, so I can’t say too much about it yet.

Great, we’re looking forward to your results. How did you end up with Simacan for your research?
At the end of last year, I started looking for a company to graduate. In order to distinguish myself from all my other ambitious and hardworking fellow students who were also looking for a company to graduate from, I thought it would be much more representative to make a video and put it on LinkedIn.

Seems exciting to me, making a short video?
Sure it was. With healthy excitement I uploaded my video. Soon the video was liked and shared by connections. That way, my video soon went beyond this first contact line and ended up at Rob Schuurbiers (CEO). Rob advised me to take a look at the website and to contact him if I was interested. When I looked at the site I immediately became enthusiastic: ‘a SAAS company! A term that I heard a lot during my education and which is important for the future. Before I knew it, I was in contact with Rob again.

And then you were invited to visit Simacan…
That’s right! My appointment was scheduled at 1:00 p.m. and I arrived at the office 15 minutes before time. To my surprise I saw the entire Simacan team having lunch at one long table. Because of this, my first meeting felt very warm and open. The conversation itself added the terms ‘positive and flexible’ to my impression. I was enthusiastic!

Fortunately that was mutual and not much later it was settled: Simacan became my graduation company. On 3 February my graduation internship started with a warm welcome and so far, my experience at Simacan still satisfies my first impression: an innovative company with ambitious helpful colleagues and a unique company culture.

I am looking forward to working here in the upcoming months and I am happy to be part of the Simacan team.

Welcome Ina Sila, good luck with your research!