Simacan welcomes Jord Koot, Sales manager

Thu | 9 Apr 2020 |

Simacan welcomes Jord Koot, Sales manager

Jord, welcome to Simacan! What was your first impression of our company?
The energy within the club is contagious, and the willingness to do it together is great. The way we manage to work together in this worrisome Corona time is great. Working together is clearly in the DNA of the Simacan guy.

You’ve been on the road for a while, of course, but where did it all start for you?
It’s been a while! After studying Economics & Logistics, I started working at ECT in Rotterdam. I led terminal automation projects there and later made the switch to the operational organisation and did a number of international projects around India and China. After 7 years we have set up a new type of logistics service provider: on an outsourced basis, we started managing and optimising their entire transport operation for customers such as Apple and Tektronix on the basis of insight into processes and data. We developed our own software for this purpose. At the end of the 90s, the company was sold and I went more into ICT. Often this was at the interface with Logistics, but sometimes something different, for example in the area of Cyber Security. In recent years, for example, I have been able to help various service providers make commercial leaps forward.

How do you see your acquired experience reflected in the work you will be doing at Simacan?
Digitisation, in particular, offers enormous opportunities for Logistics. By acting more data-driven, not only can existing operations be done more effectively and efficiently, but it also creates the possibility for new types of services and even completely new business models. I think we can say that in addition to nature, labour and capital, data has in fact become the fourth production factor. Simacan offers enormous opportunities to all players in the supply chain. Bringing the innovative power of Simacan to the market is entirely in line with my background, experience and motives. Nice to work with – together with the entire Simacan team! – The enormous potential of the Simacan platform commercially to reach maturity.

Can you tell us more about your role within Simacan?
I am going to help accelerate the commercial development of Simacan. My motto is: ‘make me redundant tomorrow where I can contribute today’. So I’m going to take matters in hand, but I’m also going to invest and secure them again. All this in order to gradually develop the commercial excellence of Simacan to the next levels.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?
I’m a big special beer fanatic (let’s call it that, drinker sounds a bit suspicious ;))!