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  • Automation within different business units
    Reduce the amount of time spent for logging incidents manually in different systems and yield more data for trend analysis.
  • Inter-connect all departments under one hood
    Streamline the incident procedures among all departments, whether in monitoring, operational changes, administration, or support, all informed with the same click.
  • Visibility, communication & free flow of incidents
    Drive data on a trip level or a stop level to identify, analyse and treat recurring incidents with extensive trip context and have escalation processes in place.

Most beneficial for:

Support teams

Support team can report incidents in Control Tower on a trip level or a stop level. These incidents automatically appear in incident management system for further treatment. Information is also reported back to the incident case number for potential follow-up making it easier to stay in sync. This results in reduction in time spent on logging incidents manually in different systems, hence reducing human errors.

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Hub supervisors

Hub supervisors get visibility into reported incidents on a stop level and they can also add additional information about the incident.

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Customer success story

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With Simacan control tower, it is easy to integrate with the ticketing system of your choice to make sure you are on top of all your tickets which are always in context to the trips and stops of your logistical operations.

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