Safer & cleaner retail replenishment will be a reality in 2023

Tue | 15 Mar 2022 | News
Local authorities, retailers, carriers and software vendors join forces to improve the safety, sustainability and efficiency of the last mile

It is becoming increasingly difficult to supply shops in urban areas: streets are getting busier, there are all kinds of restrictions that prevent lorries from going everywhere and there is little or no insight on the most favorable route to reach unloading locations. And yet the demand for deliveries is only increasing. It is becoming increasingly important to have a solution, and this solution is provided by cooperation between various parties in the logistics chain.

Reliable insights through shared high-quality and real-time data

Thanks to cooperation and technology, the increasing complexity of supply chain can be better planned and, wherever necessary, adjusted in real time. As a result, shops can be supplied safely, sustainably and efficiently and cities can remain liveable. For the technology to work, parties in the logistics chain must have access to qualitative, useful and real-time information about the last leg of the journey driven in the city: the last mile. And the information to make this last mile into the best mile will soon be available via the new platform. For this we not only combine available datasets from governments (For example NDW / traffic platforms / visibility platforms), but we also use the community (crowd) and artificial intelligence to validate the information. is the platform that provides up-to-date insights into the last mile.

Working together and to be in the know only takes you further

Parties in the transport sector can share information about schedules and disruptions with each other via This will and road authorities can improve the quality of life within cities through real-time prioritisation and the dynamisation of regulations. Think of provisioning outside window times for announced silent emission vehicles that are given a time slot and route.

Involved parties is made possible by the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund. Simacan cooperates with Breda University of Applied Sciences, Conundra, the municipality of Tilburg and Jumbo Supermarkets. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Simacan users, the UTC Foundation, GS1 and many other parties in the logistics sector also contribute. Together we are creating high quality open data source:


Photo: 6379-Gemeente-Tilburg, photographer Franca van de Sande


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