Simacan new corporate identity

Wed | 22 Apr 2020 | News

Our new corporate identity

Today we launch our new Simacan corporate identity! Or visual identity, to sound less 'corporate' because that is not who or what we are as a company. With this new style we are fully ready for the future and we can go full-speed 'Ahead in future logistics'.

The story behind our new logo

Our new logo has been designed with the thought of the old logo in mind. Some things about our company are changing enormously, and others – like our commitment to shaping an efficient and intelligent supply chain ecosystem together – will always stay the same.
The logo is simple and characteristic but of course with a story behind it: Our logo is made up out of lines, 1 line symbolizes the route from point A to point B. The 4 lines refer to the 4 levels of our old logo, which represent the layers of a roadmap. All lines together symbolize the dynamics, stratification and energy of all data, roads, routes. Together they represent real-time navigation and optimization in logistics planning and delivery processes.

The colour gradient represents movement and dynamics. The smooth flow of the colours symbolize the smooth process of the logistics throughout the chain. The new Simacan colours stand for: strength, fire, passion, reliability, warmth and commitment.

Why the Indian?

About 3,600 years ago the Carib-Arawak Indians lived in the Caribbean. They colonized this area from mainland America. The Simacan was the one within the group of Indians who studied the position of the moon and stars, he was the one who was aware of its influence on the weather and tide. With that knowledge, he could predict when the turtles came ashore to nest, as well as when it was the best time to sow, hunt, or travel. The Simacan advised villagers about the right route, the best travel time and predicted what they could encounter during their trip. 
Simacan does the same; study, predict and advise.

The introduction of our new corporate identity by our CEO Rob [in Dutch].