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Waiting times can be avoided at loading/unloading locations

Thu | 6 Jul 2023 | Simacan Solutions

Waiting times can be avoided at loading/unloading locations

Detection alarm with the 'multiple truck alert'

'Time is money'... a driver waiting a few minutes a day, that's not so bad. But if the waiting time at a location adds up to an hour or more. Or if the wait happens several times a day, then the costs quickly add up and operational efficiency flies out of the window. That is why we have made it possible to set up a notification when capacity is exceeded at a loading/unloading location.

What are the advantages of such a location alarm?

Timely detection of too many trucks at a loading or unloading location allows you to take action in time. A smart transport execution platform like Simacan allows you to swap stops or move a driver's break, for example. By anticipating waiting times and coming up with a different plan, time-critical transport networks can run without, or with much less delay. This reduces sensitivity to claims in the case of fresh goods transport. And urban distribution can be carried out with less inconvenience because there is less manoeuvring, noise pollution (think reversing alarm and engine roar), unsafety and nuisance for local residents.

How does this excess capacity loading/unloading location work?

The capacity alarm works like this: For each location, the number of loading or unloading spots can be set. When the number of trucks scheduled within a certain time window is exceeding this amount, an alert can be set. So if more trucks are scheduled to load or unload at this location within the same time window, a clearly visible notification appears immediately in the Simacan platform's trip list. As well as the additional notification "The vehicle on this trip is expected at a location at the same time as other vehicles. This may cause delays."

Need more trip or stop information?

For more information on exactly where this overrun is taking place, you can click on the trip with the notification and go to the 'trip detail' screen. Here you can immediately see at which stop the capacity violation is taking place. When you move the cursor over this stop, additional information regarding the other trips that are affected appears.

No waiting time at pick-up/delivery location

Coming back to 'time is money'... the multiple truck alert ensures less waiting time, less lost time, less delay in delivery times and less inconvenience for local residents. In short: lower costs, higher customer satisfaction and a good reputation for carriers. So never again join the back of the queue at a pick-up or delivery location!

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