Partnership Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and Simacan

Mon | 23 Oct 2023 | News

Partnership Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and Simacan

Working together for a sustainable future

Amsterdam / Amersfoort, 23 October 2023 | Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, Bridgestone's business focused on the development and launch of data-driven fleet, tyre and mobility solutions, and Simacan, market leader in smart last-mile distribution solutions in the Netherlands, announce an intensification of their strategic partnership. Integrating Webfleet, Bridgestone's trusted fleet management solution, with Simacan's solutions addresses the challenges associated with supply chain optimisation and electrification in the transport sector and the need for sustainable fleet management and charge management.

The collaboration between the two organisations has existed for almost 10 years. The common goal is to provide the logistics sector with the best possible experience, both for retailers and end customers, and for planners and drivers. The joint DNA in maps and geodata of both companies has always been used to work on improvements. The collaboration has already delivered successful projects for leading organisations.

More sustainable together and reducing Co2

To comply with obligations related to determining CO2 emissions from logistics operations and active emission reduction, chain optimisation is crucial. The joint proposition of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and Simacan enables mapping of the entire logistics footprint. With end-to-end visibility, the ability to manage all transports at trip, shipment and asset level and direct access to all necessary business information.

The aim of this collaboration is to work together to optimise the supply chain, while taking the consumer experience in B2B environments to the next level. This end-to-end supply chain optimisation aims for reduced environmental impact, cost savings and improved urban accessibility.

Ready for the future of EVs

Moreover, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and Simacan are helping companies fully prepare for the future of electric vehicles (EVs). With the advent of electric transport and all the associated challenges such as battery management, range, charging locations and driving and rest periods combined with recharging times. It is essential to integrate all vertical processes into the horizontal supply chain and transport execution processes. The combination of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and Simacan enables real-time and integrated management of vehicle information and driver communication. Facilitating cross-functional collaboration with different parties and partners.

Together at Logistics & ICT 2023

To highlight their collaboration and support their joint commitment to sustainability, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and Simacan will be present at the Dutch ICT & Logistiek 2023 trade fair. Visitors can find them at booth 04.B043.
Demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and greening, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and Simacan pledge to donate a tree to Treebytree with every completed information or demo application at ICT & Logistics 2023. With the aim of greening and cooling down our planet faster.

About Bridgestone Mobility Solutions:

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, a Business of Bridgestone, is on a mission to lead the world into a sustainable future using data-driven mobility. They aim to be a one-stop shop for fleets, combining digital solutions with Bridgestone's premium tyre products and service-oriented retail network. The comprehensive portfolio includes Webfleet (fleet management), Fleetcare (maintenance as a service), Tirematics (advanced tyre solutions) and Advanced Data Solutions.

About Simacan:

Simacan is an end-to-end supply chain solution. With Simacan, transport chains are completely transparent, manageable, more efficient and sustainable. Instant access to real-time and predictive information and communication for all transports and deliveries. Simacan enables cross-chain cooperation (4C). With our Command Centre, several collaborating Control Towers can collectively form an overall picture of an entire supply chain. Stakeholders in their own collaborating Control Tower can view and manage the processes important to them in real-time in relation to the entire supply chain. For example, processes related to electric transport.

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