Partnership Simacan and TomTom: efficient management and cooperation in the transport chain

Mon | 7 Dec 2020 | News

Partnership Simacan and TomTom: efficient management and cooperation in the transport chain

Earlier this month, TomTom published a blog article on their website about the collaboration with Simacan: 'How Simacan manages transport efficiently using TomTom data'. This article discusses how Simacan, together with TomTom, helps players in the transport chain to collaborate better and make transport more convenient, efficient and sustainable.

Simacan offers a single platform for streamlining transport management with a clear overview of the status of all journeys. In this way, we serve our clients in structuring transport management, so that every party in the chain has a similar view. However, this is as transparent as possible and enables targeted cooperation and anticipation of current and expected situations.

Simacan's supply chain platform offers a unique cooperation model through openness. By providing consistent insight into the state of affairs, drivers and operators can see the status in real time and adjust it as required. With the aid of real-time data exchange, Simacan directs the digital cooperation between all players and thus removes the complexity from the execution of transport.

In order to arrive at an accurate and reliable ETA, it is vital to be able to take current traffic conditions into account. This requires access to the most up-to-date maps. Traffic conditions and locations are dynamic, so map updates must be carried out continuously. 

Using TomTom maps and traffic data, Simacan has access to a database covering the entire European road network, together with information such as incident data, traffic flow and traffic speeds. These important TomTom data and services are fully integrated into the Simacan systems. 

Read the full article on the cooperation between Simacan and TomTom on the TomTom website.