Temporary closure of state highway A12 caused 79% more traffic jam

Tue | 14 Dec 2021 | News

Temporary closure of A12 caused 79% more traffic jams

Here's  some interesting transport data from the Simacan platform

On our Simacan platform we collect enormous amounts of data about the transport movements of our clients. And that provides an interesting overview of all joint transport operations managed via the Simacan platform. We have gathered together some data from 2021 for you, covering the period from 1 January to 3 November 2021. 

  • Did you know that the temporary closure of Dutch state highway A12 (from 27 September 21:00 to 7 October 05:00) between junction Oudenrijn and Nieuwerbrug caused an increase of 79.26% in traffic jams in the rest of the Netherlands?
  • This year, 1 January 2021 was the quietest day and 28 October 2021 was the busiest day. On this busiest day (in terms of stops), no fewer than 4.567 unique vehicle journeys were made by the various carriers and transport services;
  • The busiest month this year was March and the quietest was August.

We use this data, and much more, in our platform. In this way we give our customers 100% insight into their entire transport operation. The Simacan Control Tower therefore offers you the following advantages:

  • A complete overview of the progress of all journeys. Transport managers can respond in real time to calamities en route and thus identify bottlenecks
  • Satisfied customers by communicating the exact delivery times of orders. Customers are automatically informed of changing arrival times. This is how you meet your customers' expectations
  • (More) efficient transport by checking the location of all your vehicles. Analyse and optimise your transport chain with data available from the Simacan platform.

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