Congestion on Dutch roads during corona reduced by 75%

Tue | 22 Dec 2020 | News

Congestion on Dutch roads during corona reduced by 75%

And more interesting transport data from the Simacan platform

On our Simacan platform we collect an enormous amount of data about the transport movements of our clients. And that provides an interesting overview of all joint transport operations managed via the Simacan platform. Also during the corona crisis, from approximately mid-March until December 22, many transports took place. Indeed, in certain periods it has been busier than ever. Here are a few interesting and striking facts.

Corona has clearly had an impact on everyone's life and mobility. And that certainly also applies to the transport sector in The Netherlands. We will briefly list the most important facts for you here:

  • Did you know, for example, that during this entire period, traffic congestion has decreased by no less than 75% compared to pre-corona? In the period from mid-March to the end of May, this reduction was somewhat higher, namely 89%, as a result of the first corona measures. This can be read in our infographic of June 2020.
  • The quietest day was during the first corona-lockdown, on April 12. The busiest day, on the other hand, was at the beginning of the busy December month, and not long before the second lockdown, on December 4. There were no fewer than 4,220 journeys by the various hauliers and transport services then.
  • The busiest month this year was October

We use this data, and much more, in our platform. In this way we give our customers 100% insight into their entire transport operation. The Simacan Control Tower therefore offers you the following advantages:

  • A complete overview of the progress of all journeys. Transport managers can respond in real time to calamities en route and thus identify bottlenecks
  • Satisfied customers by communicating the exact delivery times of orders. Customers are automatically informed of changing arrival times. This is how you meet your customers' expectations
  • (More) efficient transport by checking the location of all your vehicles. Analyse and optimise your transport chain with data available from the Simacan platform. 

Are you curious what data you can view in the Simacan platform and what Simacan can do for the optimisation of your transport chain? Please feel free to contact us for a demo of the Simacan Control Tower.