Simacan and Cornelissen Group are fully committed to last-mile

Wed | 22 Jul 2020 | News

Simacan and Cornelissen Group are fully committed to last-mile

Cornelissen Group and Simacan signed a multi-year contract for the further development of carrier specific needs on Simacan’s cloud platform for digital collaboration in transport and logistics.

Cornelissen Group, supplier of sustainable solutions in the field of progressive logistics, and end-to-end supply chain platform Simacan, announced that they are entering into a long-term partnership. This is an important milestone for both companies in the development of innovations such as  driving time improvements and safety information in the cabin. The first important step that both companies are taking is to bring ‘turn by turn’ last-mile guidance of existing onboard computers and safety warnings in the cabin, to life.

The Cornelissen Group has been using the Simacan platform for shippers such as Ahold Delhaize and Jumbo Supermarkten for some time now. With this collaboration they commit to managing their entire fleet of 350 vehicles via the Simacan smart platform. This way, the Cornelissen Group not only intends to achieve efficiency benefits, but it also wants to focus on smart digital innovation in transport. The aim is to guarantee safety for drivers and the environment and to be a pioneer in making the sector a lot more sustainable.

In recent years, many useful notifications and real-time supply chain instructions for both planners and receivers, like drivers, have been developed and used daily on the Simacan platform. The collaboration between Cornelissen and Simacan shows that both parties have faith in the further development of the supply chain management platform into a chain platform where digital information is easily accessible, shared and made smarter.
Part of the collaboration is the further development of the turn-by-turn last-mile guidance that will enrich the information of suppliers for existing on-board computer. A pilot has recently started for this purpose. For the coming 2 years Simacan and Cornelissen have set themselves the goal of registering the most important last-mile locations in the Benelux and making them available for every user of the Simacan platform.

Mark van der Drift, CEO of Cornelissen Group: “There is still a lot to be gained on the last mile. Our drivers often end up in unforeseen and potentially dangerous situations. There is a lot of time saving potential in these situations, personal and material damage can be reduced and even prevented. The Cornelissen Group also expects to achieve more positives for the environment. Minimal inconvenience for the local neighbourhood and environmentally conscious.”

Rob Schuurbiers, CEO of Simacan: “Connecting with the Cornelissen Group and their national and international trips fits in well with our European ambitions. We want to stay ahead with innovations that help our customers make their transport operations smarter and more efficient."

Every minute of every day the Simacan platform calculates accurate arrival times for hundreds of thousands of deliveries. ETA algorithms along with historical- and actual traffic information provide the best possible ETA’s. On top of that performances of every transport delivery is easily monitored real-time and after the realized trip. This realized trip data gives shippers and carriers the insights and business intelligence they need to pinpoint bottlenecks. These fact based insights give customers the tools to start optimizing and improving.
Simacan’s Control Tower is, therefore, much more than just a visibility platform. Whereas other platforms in this domain go no further than  visualisation and possibly a few global ETA updates per trip, Simacan is a leader in the field of innovation and making the entire chain smarter.
For Simacan, the joint initiative with Cornelissen Group is the start of a whole new series of innovations that will benefit its customers and hopefully the entire transport sector.

Rob Schuurbiers of Simacan and Mark van der Drift of Cornelissen Group explain their plans in a podcast to make transport more efficient and sustainable with their collaboration [in Dutch].