Simacan Developer Portal: API documentation now publicly available

Simacan Developer portal
Tue | 12 Jan 2021 | Simacan Solutions

Simacan Developer Portal: API documentation now publicly available

Users of the Simacan platform can now benefit from the new Simacan Developer Portal. Here you can find information about transport management and IT systems and the possibilities for communication with our platform, now freely accessible and applicable. What does the Simacan Developer Portal contain? And for whom is it intended? 

In order for transport management and ICT systems to communicate with our Simacan platform, system administrators need information about the correct procedure and how it can be carried out. Our developer portal gives you a description of this, which has now been made publicly accessible. 

Developer portal

A developer portal is the interface between a set of APIs (or other interactive digital tools) and their various stakeholders. This takes place by means of an exclusive and qualified channel for the creation and management of these APIs. An API, or Application Programming Interface in full, is a software interface that allows two applications to communicate with each other in a standardised way. The purpose of the portal is: to share and distribute the necessary documentation for the use of APIs.

The Simacan Developer Portal contains API reference documentation. This provides the best tooling for developers to explore and apply APIs, and to provide support when needed. 

Description functionalities public

We have made the description of all functionalities fully public: if you are a Simacan customer, you can use this information and therefore integrate it with our platform. Our documentation is still under development and will continuously show improvements and adaptations.

At this moment the Simacan Developer Portal describes:

  • How schedules can be sent to us
  • How we, as a planning hub, can send plans that are known to us
  • How to share FMS vendor data with us
  • How a customer can make use of the data generated on our platform (ETAs, realised trips)

The APIs on the Simacan Developer Portal use the OTM 5.0 language, partly developed by Simacan for the simple interconnection of links between different types of systems. By means of a uniform language, all data relevant to transport movements are easily exchanged between authorities, shippers, logistics service providers and transporters. OTM (OpenTripModel) plays an important role in the further optimisation and automation of logistics processes.

Manuals developer portal

Our developer portal contains manuals that help you easily on your way step-by-step. On the API Marketplace you will find full API references, which go deeper into the subject matter and can be used by your developers. In addition, we have published the API Authentication Guide for you, the information of which applies to all our APIs. 

You can find the Simacan Developer Portal on a specially designed website. Do you have any questions or would you like more information about our developer portal? Please contact our Sales & Support team, via the website or by phone: +31 33 887 4000.

Simacan developer portal