Simacan introduces advanced track & trace portal

Tue | 9 Mar 2021 | Simacan Solutions

Simacan introduces advanced track & trace portal

Bloomon launching customer in delivering 5-star delivery experience

Track & Trace is an important tool for e-commerce entrepreneurs and their customers. Today's customer wants to know exactly when the carrier is at the door. Being able to precisely follow an order is an integral part of the delivery process and provides a good service to your (potential) customers. Simacan has now developed a complete white label track & trace portal. This allows, for an optimal customer experience, an interaction with the end customer in the delivery process. And this can be done entirely in your own corporate identity and with your chosen options for communication with the customer.

In today's digital age, consumers are making ever greater demands on their orders and their delivery. Today's order is preferably tomorrow's delivery, but people do not want to have to wait all day for their package. To offer a more complete and pleasant customer experience, it is important to enable interaction with the end customer through a well-designed track & trace system. And that is now possible with Simacan's new Track & Trace Portal. Our launching customer Bloomon has already successfully taken the fully personalised track & trace into use.

Bloomon makes use of Simacan Track & Trace Portal

Bloomon, the well-known online florist that makes people happy at their homes with fresh, distinctive bouquets and gifts, has a mission to make 'flower power' accessible to everyone. They do this by offering their customers a 'Bloomon experience', partly through customer-friendly and well-organised delivery. Bloomon has been using the Simacan Control Tower for some time, to their complete satisfaction. Since this month they have also been running a pilot of the new personalised Simacan Track & Trace Portal with 1,600 Dutch customers. And with success! The communication with the Bloomon customers has become even better thanks to the shorter lines that are now offered. Starting in February 2021 the Track & Trace Portal will be used for all Bloomon customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

The Track & Trace Portal offers Bloomon:
  • The Bloomon experience the customer wants
  • Full control over customer communication
  • Possibility of cross-selling: from one-time purchases of gifts to long-term subscriptions of bouquets
  • Fewer failed deliveries
  • Reduction of customer service contact: "When will my bouquet be delivered?"
  • Shorten and automate various processes
Advantages Simacan Track & Trace

The advantages of Simacan Track & Trace in an overview:

  • Plug-in in customer communication: to be integrated in your own customer environment, for consumer and business customer
  • Even easier to let your customer know what time the delivery is by means of a real-time ETA. The customer does not need to refresh the T&T page: as soon as there is a change, a live update appears
  • Your driver is informed of changes 'on trip'
  • The time window can be set per customer: in a time slot of 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour
  • Your Track & Trace is completely adaptable to your house style and you set your 'look & feel' wishes for an even better customer experience
  • Mobile friendly via the website
  • Continuous development of our platform with new features on a regular basis
Delivery with time slot

With regular track & trace systems the customer receives a message at what time the delivery will approximately take place within a certain time slot, but it is seldom clear at what time the order will be delivered exactly. Also, the customer cannot decide whether the indicated time is convenient or not and whether the preference is for a delivery at another time of the day.

Therefore, even though there is a known timeframe for delivery, it may still happen that the customer is not at home when the delivery person arrives at the door. If the package is not accepted, the carrier has to reschedule the package for the next day. And there is a chance that nobody is at home again.

With Simacan Track & Trace, the customer receives a real-time update of the 'Estimated Time of Arrival' (ETA). Whereas at the beginning of the day a somewhat larger time slot may still be visible (for example, one hour), as the day progresses and the delivery approaches, the time slot will become increasingly more specific. Our platform ensures that the ETA to the end customer is recalculated every minute. If a change in this affects the previously specified time slot, it will be adjusted and communicated to the customer.

Simacan Track & Trace: customer interaction and real-time information

Simacan's detailed and interactive Track & Trace is not only an essential improvement for your customers, but also for you as a carrier or delivery service. Because you can follow the deliveries digitally and in real-time, you can respond to calamities and see where optimisation is possible. Thanks to a direct and interactive link with the end customer, the driver receives real-time updates en route and can therefore anticipate his delivery wishes.

In addition, it is possible that the Simacan Platform communicates the following information to the T&T portal:

  • A photo of the driver as proof of delivery, which is shown in the Track & Trace portal, after the goods have been placed at a location near the door on the customer's instruction
  • Proof of delivery information, which is for example shown in the Track & Trace portal from the Simacan platform, when goods have been delivered to the neighbours

Simacan's core competence is to provide detailed and accurate real-time route calculations. You can use this advantage now to the full with our Track & Trace product and share it with your customer. In doing so, you make use of our knowledge and experience, you have access to detailed ETA calculations and, as a result, you increase the efficiency of your deliveries.

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