Simacan: The meaning and origin of our name

Thu | 26 Nov 2020 | Working at Simacan

Simacan: the meaning and origin of our name

In the transport and logistics sector, Simacan is a well-known name and an important party for the optimisation of supply chains. We are proud of the intelligent end-to-end solutions we can offer the sector with our Simacan platform. This enables us to make transport chains completely transparent, efficient and sustainable. But we are also proud of our name, a name with meaning and a special background. What exactly does that name mean? Or rather, who is (the) Simacan?

When Simacan started in 2013, it was important for founder Rob Schuurbiers that the name of his company would fit in well with the company values. These form the essence of our identity and radiate our core values. These core values can be summarised as: progressive, ownership, ambitious, binding and unconventional. But what was also important, of course, was that the company name would be all-encompassing to the sector concerning our activities. And that is why the name Simacan was not chosen arbitrarily.

Accurate planning of travel and route

Nowadays, we know no better than to find our way by means of a navigation system or perhaps, in a few cases, by means of a map. We can now plan our journey very accurately and we often know exactly to the minute what our ETA is, despite the hustle and bustle of the road. This has taken thousands of years to develop. And the key figure, Simacan, has played an important role in this.

Some 3 600 years ago, the Carib-Arawak Indians lived in the Caribbean. Within this group of Indians, the Simacan was the person who studied the position of the stars and the moon. In this way he gained knowledge about the influence they had on the weather conditions and the tide. He was therefore able to predict when it was the best time to travel, to sow or to hunt. The Simacan advised fellow villagers on the right route, the best time and predicted what they could encounter during their journey. A 'navigator' as it were. Do you see the similarity with Simacan's activities within the transport and logistics sector?

Brand identity Simacan

From this idea of the significance of the Indian Simacan for travel and navigation, the brand identity of Simacan originated. The logo is inspired by the drawing and the dynamic interplay of lines on the face of the Simacan, navigator of the Indian tribe Carib-Arawak. The lines in our logo represent direction, navigation and also symbolise the roads on the map. Together they represent real-time navigation and optimisation in logistical planning and delivery processes.

In combination with our slogan 'Ahead in future logistics' and our promise 'Simacan leads the way'. For you', the house style clearly matches our background, our vision and our mission

Our logo explained

Simacan Control Tower

The Simacan platform has grown into the well-known end-to-end solution for the supply chain. With the Simacan Control Tower, your transport chain is completely transparent, manageable, more efficient and sustainable. You have direct access to real-time and predictive information and communication for all your transports and deliveries. 

Would you like to see with your own eyes how the Simacan platform works and can work to your advantage? Then contact us and we will show you a demo of the Simacan Control Tower without any obligation.