Simacan Realised Trip Service: full insight into your transport operation

Thu | 11 Feb 2021 | Simacan Solutions

Simacan Realised Trip Service: full insight into your transport operation

Analysis of post-trip data and optimisation of administrative processes

With the Simacan Control Tower you have your transport operation completely on track. You can accurately plan, monitor and adjust all trips and ensure that all parties involved are informed in real-time of the arrival of your deliveries. But did you also know that you can optimise your administrative processes using data from the Simacan Platform, with, as we call it, 'post-trip' data? You can store, process and analyse the trip data immediately outside Simacan Control Tower: when your transport is completed, in your own environment, combined with all the data you already have.

The possibilities with data are endless and that is exactly what Realised Trip Service is about: the method to optimise and automate by processing all data of the transport afterwards, after the trip, independently or in combination with other data. And that is what you need to gain real insight into what happened during the transport. With data from the Simacan Control Tower, you have all the freedom to combine, analyse and share. In other words, learn from past data to improve future transports.

RTS to support your administrative processes

In addition, these data can also be used to support your administrative processes. The high quality of the Simacan Control Tower data makes it possible to use it in your own financial administration. For example, with the help of RTS you can send an invoice to your client with a precise overview of all relevant data. Realised trip data is immediately available for storage, processing and analysis as soon as your trips are marked as 'completed' in the Simacan Control Tower.

Realised Trip Service is an advanced, additional option in the Control Tower. RTS is suitable for customers who can process big data (in the 'post-trip' domain). You take advantage of the big data the Control Tower offers by applying it in your own IT environment, with your own tools and at your own pace. Realised Trip Service is fully described in the Simacan Developer Portal, including all the technical data you need for implementation.

Customer case - Simacan Customer A, carrier on behalf of large retail customers

Simacan Customer A uses Realised Trip Service in its logistics operation with two aims:

  1. The customer wants to be able to learn retrospectively from transports already realised and services provided;
  2. The customer wants to be able to invoice different clients correctly based on concrete data instead of estimates.

All data used during logistics operations as a result of analyses made can be used to learn for future transports. Customer A collects data within its own trading activity, which helps in making and substantiating operational and strategic decisions, thus creating Business Intelligence.

In the context of efficiency, Customer A uses the following data:

  • Trip data: did all trips start on time? In principle, the start time of journeys is self-contained, but these can be optimised on the basis of 'post trip' data from the Simacan Control Tower;
  • Duration of the stop: what is the activity data on location? Does this, for example, structurally take much longer than planned?
  • Duration of a single trip from A to B: does this structurally take longer than planned? Is it possible to optimise this?

All data collected from the Simacan Platform is stored in its own 'data lake', i.e. the collection point of all data from different systems, which can be linked here for analysis. Insight into data only comes when data from various systems are combined, including data from sources other than the Simacan Platform. Only then is it possible to make the right connections.

Customer A also uses the Realised Trip Service data for the settlement of performed trips:

  • Customer A safeguards the administrative process by using RTS data when processing invoices;
  • Customer A invoices the client on the basis of the time realised and the actual time spent on a trip instead of on planned kilometres;
  • Customer A's digital administration is now fully in order. Further digitalisation is now possible.

The link between the Simacan Control Tower and your own system can be made using OTM 5, a standardised, uniform language for the electronic exchange of logistical data. By using OTM (Open Trip Model), logistical IT systems can communicate with each other because they can interpret each other's messages correctly, without the need for customised links. 

The processing of more data creates a dialogue with our clients and will increase the demand for specific applications. Simacan will therefore continue to develop Realised Trip Service in the future in order to provide an ever richer set of information for your transport company.

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