Simacan and Simon Loos join forces: full speed ahead on digital transformation

Tue | 13 Apr 2021 | News

Simacan and Simon Loos join forces

Full speed ahead on digital transformation

Barely a few months after the merger with Peter Appel, Simon Loos immediately set to work on far-reaching digital cooperation by getting the merger combination operational on the Simacan platform in one go as of 1 April.

This year Simon Loos and Peter Appel Transport are merging into one large logistics service provider under the name Simon Loos. The new organisation focuses on increasing customer service. Spearheads in this are digitalisation, sustainability and scaling up. With the Simacan platform all transport operations are directly combined. This way, a direct start can be made on efficiency and effectiveness without having to wait for the integration of the existing IT systems.

Strategic course towards a data-driven organisation

Simacan is proud to help shape the strategic course of Simon Loos - the transition from two purely logistics companies to one data-driven organisation - as of 1 April. The Simacan Platform offers Simon Loos the possibility to not only provide insight and transparency to all stakeholders internally, but also to external parties, both clients and recipients. This is, of course, done in accordance with the applicable privacy regulations and data confidentiality, which are applied on the platform.

Rob Schuurbiers, CEO of Simacan: 

"This cooperation with Simon Loos is yet another confirmation that the Simacan platform delivers direct value for carriers. In recent years, we have made the transition to significantly enrich the functionality of the platform. In addition to providing optimal support for cooperation between shippers and carriers, which we continue to innovate in, this cooperation gives an extra boost to continue to focus strongly on functionality that specifically helps carriers in their far-reaching digitalisation. The market can therefore expect a lot from Simacan.”

Increase in scale with high operational efficiency

The merger of Simon Loos and Peter Appel Transport has created the largest transport company in the Netherlands in retail distribution. Under the name Simon Loos, a company with more than 3,000 employees and 1,400 vehicles, distributed over more than 70 locations throughout the Netherlands, has been created. 

Martin Knol, CFO at Simon Loos: 

"Planners and journey supervisors will soon be able to oversee much more because they will only need to focus on exceptions, and will be in direct contact with drivers, client and recipient, even if the journey has been chartered. Because everything is logged, the administration can proceed immediately, even without further enquiries from the planner. The next step will be that the expected disruptions calculated by Simacan will give the planning package adjustment suggestions. This will enable the planner to act even faster and better.

Simon Loos' ambition is to achieve optimum cooperation between the three phases (pre-, on- and post-trip) in the transport process within two years. The support of cooperation in the areas of administration, planning and monitoring must ensure that disruptions and inefficiency are detected and minimised at an early stage.”

Simacan Platform for insight and transparency

Using the Simacan platform, Simon Loos offers its customers insight and transparency without having to provide them with direct access to its own IT landscape. The fact that both process controllers and customers, and even recipients, are optimally informed of the current order status and know exactly when orders will be delivered will increase predictability. 

In addition, as of April Simon Loos drivers will receive extra guidance during their journey in the form of Simacan's 'last mile guidance', which ensures that they always drive the correct and safest route. Also, the driver no longer has to call the office to make any changes in the delivery process. This action is replaced by a 2-way chat option, via a live interface with the existing on-board computer platform or with charters via the driver app platform. Which, of course, will further contribute to a safer and more efficient transport operation.   

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