Welcome Jeroen, Sales Executive

Thu | 26 Nov 2020 | News

Welcome Jeroen,
Sales Executive

Jeroen Schouteren started at the beginning of this month as Sales Executive at Simacan. We would like to wish him a warm welcome and asked him to introduce himself.

Hi Jeroen, it's nice to meet you! Please, tell us something about yourself.
Hi, I'm Jeroen Schouteren, 46 years old. I am married and have two children of 21 and 19, who both live on their own. I live more than half a year in Hoogerheide now, where my wife and I have fallen in love with a special, industrial house. We have a glass back facade over two floors and a steel walkway upstairs in the living room. On November 9th I started in the position of Sales Executive and I am looking forward to work on this together with my new Simacan colleagues in a successful way.

I love music and can enjoy it immensely. I also play the guitar myself. I'm having a guitar built by master luthier Sjak Zwier, completely according to my wishes. It's nice to see how a few pieces of wood eventually become a beautiful instrument.

Together with my wife I regularly enjoy a delicious meal outside the door - unfortunately not during the corona time, and we like to drink a nice wine together with our meal. We are both completely attached to the Spanish Costa Brava and since this year Italy has joined us. During our super vacation at Lake Garda, we discovered a delicious winery, resulting in a car filled with boxes of wine. Good thing there were no children in the backseat...

So, as you already said, you started with us during this strange corona-time, but I hope you had a good first few weeks anyways?
It is bizarre to start a new job at this time. Normally you would be introduced to your colleagues on your first day at work by taking a tour of the office. Now, I had my first Zoom meeting at 10:00 am. It was a bit of a switch for me, but everything went flawlessly. Several introductory appointments were scheduled, others I could arrange myself. A very nice thing during my first week was the training 'Storytelling', where we sat 'together' with the complete sales team and a few others. Because of the interactive character, we got to know each other this way. In the end we got used to it very quickly. Since this is probably our new reality, we will have to be just as enthusiastic and convincing remotely in order to attract new customers and, of course, retain them.

Compliments for the people who helped me with my on-boarding: everything was arranged quickly and smoothly. Whenever something needed to be arranged, it was immediately picked up and arranged to my satisfaction. I would say a Five Star on-boarding!

Before Simacan, you obviously had some other jobs. We are always curious: where did it all start for you?
In the beginning... A long time ago my working life started with a newspaper district during my high school years. After the Gymnasium, I worked as a logistics employee, office insurance, branch manager Car Rental, car salesman VW/Audi, account manager SaaS Financial sector, direct sales representative and sales manager at Portbase, among other things. In my last job, I sold secure communication and integration software as a Business Developer within EMEA. And now, I made an enthusiastic start at Simacan.

Speaking of your start, could you tell us more about your new role at Simacan?
I'm going to make sure that the Simacan community will grow by bringing in a lot of beautiful customers. I am going to do this with my colleagues from the Sales team but also with all involved colleagues from other departments. I will use my knowledge and experience gained over the past 20 years, but also my network, because these are not my first steps in the logistics world. In this world I have noticed that everything and everyone is connected. I am therefore looking forward to successfully bringing in new clients together with my new colleagues to make Simacan even more successful.

Any last things you would like to share with us?
I am very excited to get started and am happy to be part of Simacan and to be able to do my share.