Welcome John Kraaijeveld, Security & privacy officer

Tue | 28 Apr 2020 | News

Welcome John Kraaijeveld, security & privacy officer

Welcome at Simacan, John! What was your first impression of our company?
Because of Corona, I had a pretty crazy start at Simacan. Luckily we do have our week-start and day-start video calls, this way I am still able to meet new colleagues.My first impression was actually the main reason why I decided to work for Simacan. Simacan really is an example of an organisation I would like to work for. The company structure is familiar to me: Approachable and open people, easy communication… everything I was looking for in an employer. I love the office's interior as well, a lot of hidden humour. Hard work is important, but it is important to have fun as well!

Could you tell us a little about yourself?
Well, I'm John, I have a girlfriend and a son who is just 6 months old. I like sports, mainly being active in the woods (mountain biking, running, hiking etc.). The walking distances have decreased a bit since my son is born because we bring him along in the baby carrier, but we still enjoy being active. We are living in a wooded area, so that's a plus.

Of course Simacan is not your first job, but where did it all start for you?
I started studying technical IT, unfortunately, not my cup of tea. I made the switch to engineering and started working for an engineering firm. During the 2 years I worked there I came in contact with an IT service provider who was looking for someone who could map out processes, write manuals, etc. That is how I ended up in the information security sector and obtained my ISO27001 certification. I couldn't really develop myself any further at that moment, so I went on as Lead Auditor and advisor for the ISO certification. The Auditor-part didn't fit me so well, but I really liked the advising and helping part. During one of these advisements, I met Simacan.

Can you tell us more about your new role within Simacan?
Simacan is ISO27001 certified and it is important we keep meeting the requirements for this certification and improve our security where possible. It is a continuous process and there are always opportunities to give more substance to this. As a Security & Privacy Officer, I ensure that Simacan complies with the correct legislation and that we handle our clients' data in a responsible manner. I want to ensure that we can gear our processes to that internally. Many organisations have merged into the cloud, including Simacan. There is plenty of challenge in that and more and more regulations are being added. Also, with our expansion abroad in mind, we take in account all the different methods, cultures and legislation.

Anything else you'd like to say?
Hopefully the office will reopen soon and ‘normal life’ can resume. When I started at Simacan, it was day one of the well-known measures, so I have not met most of my colleagues in person. Hopefully this changes soon. I find it very unfortunate that there is no Liberation Day this year. For me it is the most important holiday of the year; I think it is very important to take our liberties and freedom not for granted. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate our freedom again soon - and I can get back on my bike to have a beer in Wageningen!