Welcome Joppe, Software engineer

Thu | 17 Jun 2021 | Working at Simacan

Welcome Joppe, Software engineer

Hi Joppe, welcome to Simacan! What will you be doing at Simacan and what are you looking forward to?
Thank you! I'm joining Simacan as a software engineer in team Polaris. In this role, I can further develop the product by adding and refining features. I'm looking forward to learning many new things. Both on the technical field and in the field of soft skills.

What did you do before the Simacan adventure started?
Last December, I completed my bachelor’s degree in artificial intelligence with a minor in computer science. With Simacan, I made my first step into the field (the real world).

You started with us at a crazy time, but nevertheless, I hope you had a good start. How was your first impression of Simacan?
I'm fortunate to be starting in an industry that is very suitable for working from home. From what I have experienced, Simacan has adapted well to working from home. My first impression of Simacan was very welcoming. I had many digital meetings with colleagues from different teams which allowed me to get a clearer picture of the whole company.

One specific experience I would like to highlight is my first job interview at Simacan. I spoke directly to two enthusiastic developers who proudly showed me the product and the thoughts behind it. This gave me a clearer and more realistic picture of the job and impressed me more than the sales pitch I heard from many other companies during their first job interviews.   

Would you like to tell us something about yourself?
I am 22 years old and I live in Amersfoort, so I am within cycling distance of the office. Outside of work I love dancing and painting and expressing my creativity in general. Besides being creative myself, I also enjoy the creativity of others. For example by going to concerts, museums and the theatre. I also like to play games, whether they are board games, video games or role playing games.