Welcome Leon, our new Onboarding Engineer!

Wed | 19 Jan 2022 | Working at Simacan

Welcome Leon, our new Onboarding Engineer!

Hi Leon, welcome to Simacan! What will you be doing at Simacan and what are you looking forward to?
Simacan is a fast-growing company where growth does not only happen as a business but also on a personal level. I will be assisting within the onboarding team of Simacan, supplying new and existing customers with a smooth experience regarding the technical exchange of data to ensure a pleasant workflow within the Simacan platform. 

Professionally, logistics as a market is completely new to me. A new company, product and tools to work with, form the challenge to make my own, but I don’t shy away from a challenge. Therefore I'm looking forward to getting to know our products, customers and colleagues and challenging myself to master my tasks, share knowledge, and together with the support and the cooperation of a great team, bring the onboarding experience as a whole to a higher level. 

What did you do before the Simacan adventure started?
That’s a long story but here goes the ‘short’ version. After I finished school, I studied ground, road and hydraulic engineering, because I've always had an interest in what my father did as a child, which was urban area development specifically for infrastructural issues related to parking. Unfortunately, I could not complete my study due to an illness that lasted for about 1,5 years. Therefore creating such a disadvantage in my studies where I would lose the time I already spend studying. I then started a completely different study for Hotel Management because I always had the dream of starting a hotel on the coast of Bali. 

After completing this study I decided to learn more about marketing and started another study for Marketing Management after which I started my working years at Grontmij/ Sweco Nederland (an engineering consultancy based in De Bilt), where I worked for a couple of years before I decided, what I did, wasn’t really giving me joy and happiness. 

I made a couple of jumps and worked at Randstad for a while as a recruiter, but then got the opportunity to start my own business with my father creating a multifunctional temporary parking garage which gave me the experience to work abroad where I had the opportunity to manage several projects on location for a few years. At some point, we sold the company and I briefly worked for a retailer ( and also worked for Douwe Egberts as an account manager. 

Those jobs turned out not to fulfill my ambitions and I decided to make a career switch to work for an Email marketing company called TeamITG as a Technical Consultant where I learned more about IT and all technical applications of a SaaS product.  I worked there for about 3 years but then got a message from Simacan about a similar, but new and exciting job, so here I am.

You started with us at a crazy time, but nevertheless, I hope you had a good start. How was your first impression of Simacan?
One word: “Great”.  Although we live in a crazy time at the moment, the warmth and welcoming culture of this company and everyone working here have been very pleasant. People are all very friendly, enthusiastic and the mentality of Simacan and all its employees,  is even in these times, very positive creating a good atmosphere which I hope is here to stay for the ages.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
I am (currently) 38 years old, happily married, living in Soesterberg with 3 cats, two Bengal cats and one old cat of 18 years old. In my spare time, I enjoy a good concert, follow crypto-currency, watch a good movie, play some games on my Xbox and occasionally travel to the sunny seas somewhere in the world to sniff some culture and relax. For those that I haven’t met yet, best wishes for 2022 and I hope to get to know you all in the near future.

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