Welcome Levi, Software Engineer at Team Pixels

Tue | 26 Jan 2021 | Working at Simacan

Welcome Levi, Software Engineer at Team Pixels

Hi Levi, we can now officially welcome you at Simacan! Last year you did your graduation internship with us, but now you are joining us. Before we talk about what you're going to do, would you like to introduce yourself for those who don't know you yet?
I am Levi Arts, born but not raised in Nijmegen. As a child I moved to Hoevelaken and I live there now too (again). In terms of education, I've been searching: after secondary school and two unfinished studies, I ended up at the HBO Electrical Engineering study. I found the software side of this particularly interesting, which is something I gradually discovered. I am now 25 years old and, as far as I am concerned, it is high time to say goodbye to education. 

Now working at Simacan! Are you looking forward to it? What are you looking forward to most?
I am looking forward to working in a team and learning many new things. During my graduation internship, I only worked on the final assignment. 

Will there be many changes in your work? And if so, can you tell us what you did during your internship and what you will do now at Simacan?
Yes, for my internship I was designing a sensor device for a truck, which was mainly hardware. I will now start as a software engineer at Team Pixels; there is no overlap in terms of content. Despite that, it doesn't feel like starting all over again because I already know Simacan and many of the people.

How do you feel about starting your first job after college in these crazy times? 
Starting now in an industry that has been closed down by Corona must be very difficult. I think I am lucky that I can start in this way. Of course, it is a pity that you cannot work at the office, but at Simacan almost all the work can be done from home. But I think that the cooperation with my colleagues will be just fine, with enough Zoom meetings to compensate for the closed office.

Is there anything else you would like to say? 
I started playing chess a few weeks ago, like more people apparently did (during the corona crisis, it increased tenfold in the Netherlands). I am not very good yet, but if anyone wants to play an (online) game, I am a willing victim.