Paul van Vessem joins the Simacan sales team

Wed | 7 Oct 2020 | News

Paul van Vessem joins the Simacan sales team

Hi Paul, you have joined the Simacan sales team. Please introduce yourself.
Of course, I'm Paul van Vessem, 41 years young. I live with great pleasure in Voorthuizen with my wife and two children. In the past I played a lot of soccer, both indoors and out on the field. I still love to watch the games, I am a great Ajax fan ever since I was a little boy. I also like to play a round of golf, especially abroad, because of the even more beautiful courses. I also go to the gym a few times a week, but I that's not something I like to do... it's more of a must. Before I started at Simacan, we lived in Singapore for 2,5 years. A fantastic experience! We travelled a lot in the region there as well. Getting great experiences with my family and friends is high on my list, especially enjoying live and laughing with the people who are important to me. 

Normally people gain a good impression of a new working environment in the first few weeks at the office. But this was a bit different for you as well... 
Yes, everyone is working from home because of Covid-19, and on top of that I also spend a week in hospital from my second working day, really bizarre. But my first impression - and I had a strong suspicion beforehand  - but based on the first weeks I think Simacan as a company, is really amazing. What has been built up is really something to be proud of. The impact that our platform has on the daily operations of our customers is enormous. And the organization feels like a family, everyone is super open and super helpful. In addition, there is a lot of domain knowledge within the organization. So we can respond quickly and flexibly to future developments. 

How did you get into the sales branch?
I already started worked in commerce during my studies, both in retail and the hospitality industry. After finsihing my studies I immediately started working in sales at Monsterboard and learned a lot about sales. After Monsterboard I took a short detour to work at MeteoConsult, later MeteoGroup and now DTN. At DTN I helped launching a new service worldwide. Through international growth, we were able to build a great team and open sales hubs in various countries to have a better support for the local market.
In my opinion, sales is really a fantastic profession where it's not about convincing people to buy something they don't really want, but about helping people achieve their goals. To do that, well, you need to gain insight into those goals and also dare to challenge someone.    

Can you tell us more about your new sales role at Simacan? What are you going to do?
As an international sales executive I have a very clear goal: to sell our solution abroad. Given what the value of our solution brings to Dutch customers such as Ahold, Jumbo, DHL etcetera, we should be able to help parties in other European countries with their digital transition. 

Something else you would like to share?
Since I'm one of the older people among the Simacan employees, just a kind of life lesson - I'll use the friendly version: 'Assumption is the mother of all screw ups'. By this I mean that an assumption can not only let you make the wrong choice but it can also limit your possibilities. If you really want to do or know something, never let assumptions stop you and experience it for yourself. Just do it, because reasoning afterwards why you didn't do something is a waste of energy.

Thanks Paul, I hope you will have a nice time with us and that you can help achieving our international goals!