Welcome Rishi, Customer Support Engineer

Mon | 28 Jun 2021 | Working at Simacan

Welcome Rishi, Customer Support Engineer

Hi Rishi, welcome to Simacan! What will you be doing at Simacan and what are you looking forward to?
Thank you for the warm welcome! I have joined Simacan as a customer support engineer. It is my responsibility to deliver world-class customer service to customers where I will be working closely with different teams. I look forward to working as ONE team so that together we can deliver a top-notch customer experience and maintain high customer satisfaction standards.

What did you do before the Simacan adventure started?
Before I started at Simacan, I worked abroad, mainly in Ireland and China. My background is in customer service and I have worked for multinational and scaleup companies. Within these companies I have held various positions with my last role being that of relationship manager in China.

You started with us at a crazy time, but nevertheless, I hope you had a good start. How was your first impression of Simacan?
It was indeed a crazy time, especially with my recent move from China to the Netherlands. Fortunately, everything went well and especially the interview and onboarding process went smoothly. I have a positive impression of Simacan and everyone has been very nice to me since I came into contact with Simacan. 

Would you like to tell us something about yourself?
As you can see, I am international and adventurous. But it is good to be back home and I have settled down quite well. I love to travel and experience the local culture (although I am a bit picky about food, but I do my best here in Holland). In my spare time I try to be active by working out and hiking, and occasionally I play online video games with my friends.